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Author Topic: Broken patella and crps  (Read 1423 times)

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Broken patella and crps
« on: February 14, 2005, 09:49:28 AM »
Hi, I am new to this board although I have read many of the messages over the past year.
I will try to make this quick. In November 2003 I fell and boke both elbows as well as a non-displaced fracture of my left patella.
 On 14th January 2004 my crutch slipped on a wet shop floor and I fell again breaking the same patella again only a lot worse this time. Before the second break I was doing well in physio and could bend my knee to about100 degress with full extension. After having surgery to wire the knee, I was in a cast and then a brace for six weeks and started physio again and found it impossible to bend my knee moe than 40 degrees because my leg was very swollen,shiny,discoloured and very painful. In May last year I was diagnoed with CRPS and was given a course of acupuncture and told to keep walking. Which I did! I managed to get my knee to 60 degrees eventually and had an MUA three weeks ago which was partially successful and now have 105 degrees. My OS said I may still need to have an arthroscopy at some point but is very reluctant to cut my knee again because of the CRPS. He was even worried about doing the MUA because the tauma of that could make the CRPS worse.  After the MUA I was kept in for 4 days so that they could keep an eye on it and have extensive physio and luckily the CRPS doesn't appear to have worsened for which I am eternaly grateful!
Sorry this is so boring! It's hard to make it short. I would just llike to know if anyone out there has had surgery on a leg with crps and if anyone has any ideas on getting rid of CRPS forever. Although it is a lot better (even though the physios discharged me last June!) and I did all the work on my own for seven months it has still not gone completely.

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Re: Broken patella and crps
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2005, 03:52:01 AM »
Hi Anne:

I also have CRPS as a result they believe relating to a bad reaction I had to the screws in my tibia from my TTT surgery. The most IMPORTANT thing about CRPS is to go to a pain mangement Doctor who regularly treats CRPS. CRPS is NOT curable but with the right treatment you could live a nearly normal life. I am not going to lie to you I do have pain and take almost no medication anymore but it is not severe. Exercise is important such as physical therapy to keep the affected joint moving.

I had one operation to clean out my screw holes and a severe bone spur with alreadyy having the CRPS. It did NOT get worse from that operation at all. I had an epidural for about 9 hours and then I was sent home.  I saw the Dr 3 days later and had the CRPS checked and it was never excelarated or spread.  It isi not recommened to have elective surgery with the CRPS but if surgery is necessary then many CRPS treatment options exist to try and not make the CRPS worse.  NO 2 CASES of CRPS are the same so I can't tell you it will not get worse for you but it should not prevent you from getting what is needed fixed. Asz your surgeon to recommend an evaluation for you to a pain management Dr. if you need surgery the pain specialist can work with the surgeon to minimize any risks.

A gret website to visit is There is a huge amount of information on the site.  CRPS has no cure and not all the treatment work for each person but it is not a death sentence. I work fulltime and do whatever I want to do. I get trigger point injections every 2-5 weeks depending on how I feel and I have learned to liove with it. I have learned that fighting the acceptance of it seems to make the way I felt worse!!!

If I can help please feel free to post or message me.

open lateral release 10/85, various scopes 1994-1998 for debridement, medial release 11/98,  TTT(Fulkerson)& lateral release 11/30/99, screw removal 6/27/00, tibial repair 2/13/01, dx RSD 6/25/01