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Author Topic: Read, and help decide, ACI or Micro?  (Read 2162 times)

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Read, and help decide, ACI or Micro?
« on: November 19, 2002, 08:16:33 PM »
I am 25 years old.  I played professional soccer for 1 year, then I injured my left knee.  My injury consisted of having a torn medial meniscus, a torn lateral meniscus and a hole in my cartilage under my knee cap the size of a tic-tac.  A year later everything is good except for the pain I get in my knee cap still.  My knee cap has hurt ever since the surgery.  I still can play soccer, actually I can play an entire 90minute game.  But I've lost my ability to really cut off that leg, and I have pain when I try to stop from a sprint to change direction.  I have pain pushing off.  I can do quad extentions, be exact, not to much cause I don't want to push it.  If I try to do a one legged quad extension with my bad leg, it hurts and you can actually hear crunching.
My doctor said I have a hole in my cartilage the size of a tic-tac.   He tried to bleed it out he said, but he never told me that I should stay off it for three months, i was actually going to therapy about 5 days after surgery.  He told me to bear weight on it.  
My question is, should I take the chance on carticel surgery to try and fix this tic-tac sized hole before it gets any bigger.  And if I do get it fixed, do you think the pain would go away.  Or should I go in for another bleed out, "Microfracture Procedure"?  Please help me!  

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Re: Read, and help decide, ACI or Micro?
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2002, 02:51:43 AM »

I faced the same problem and decided for a third option.  There is surgery called oats--osteochondral autograph transplant surgery--that is very good for small chondral lesions such as yours.  Mine was 1 cm square right smack dab in the middle of the medial femoral condyle. I had my surgery not quite 3 mos ago and so far am very satisfied with the results.
You can search for this here on the kneeguru or on the web andyou'll get a lot of informationa bout it. Talk to your surgeon ask him if he can do this kind of surgery.  The results are supposed to be better than microfracture and as good as aci (whihc is more complicated by far)  Rehab is long, though, just as with aci.
Good luck to you
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