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Author Topic: Advice on knee injury!  (Read 963 times)

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Advice on knee injury!
« on: February 17, 2005, 11:58:12 PM »
Hey guys, been searching around for info and found this site been a great help so far. Just wondered if you's could have a look at my symptoms and suggest what could be the problem or at least the best way forward.

Well basically Oct 17th 2004 i fell while running up the stairs in my close (concrete), I landed smack bang on my left knee cap and needless to say it hurt like hell lol. I couldnt bear weight on it for about a week, after 10 days decided it probably wise to go to the hospital (I know I should have went straight away but I was sure I hadnt done any serious damage). Anyways knee was badly swollen and very bruised and I was limping heavily and had noticed I was walking with my foot slightly turned inwards. Doc x-rayed and said they couldnt see much due to swelling but didnt appear to be broken, so suggested I go home and rest it and plenty of ice. I was told my patella was mal-aligned, i had medial joint damage and had damaged the ligaments too.

Went to the GP shortly afterwards and he referred me for physio and told me to rest etc etc. It was about 7 weeks after my injury I got pyhsio and by this time i had very little range of movement in my knee. Physio helped me get a great deal of range back but after 2-3 weeks I felt my progress had stpped and by week 5 even felt that it had deterioated. I regularly told my PT and GP of my concerns and the pain invloved but was told same old story. I missed an appointment at the beginning of Jan (long story but there was a snake in my toilet lol) and they discharged me as I hadnt called to cancel.

Anyways have been referred to another PT and waiting on an appointment. But I am still having great problems. I cannot fully extend or bend my knee with either no weight or weight on it. I get shooting pains inside my knee cap and down inside of leg, and bruising reappears if I have been using my knee more than usual.  Patella is still painful to touch and i get clicking and slight irritations around my patella too. I have also recently started to get pain at the back of my knee cap and back of the joint, it is very uncomfortable and I have major problems sleeping at night. I have just started back at work and this has also placed a huge strain on my knee as it is retail and involves standing for 8 hours at a time. The newest problem i have experiences is tightness in my muscles in the back of my leg and a crunching feelin when i bend my leg back, its not audible but feels like the tendons are snapping back into place (best i can explain it). I have had no MRI's or any other x-rays have just been told PT is the only option, he said that it is not possible to operate on it!!!!!

I pretty much had to demand to be referred to a specialist and have finally gotten it, however, am still waiting on hearing about it. Has been over 4 months since i injured my knee now and I really need to get this sorted asap as it could ruin my hopes of joining the police force and also to play football again. Any ideas guys?


Kelly :D