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Author Topic: Quad Tendinitis?  (Read 1493 times)

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Quad Tendinitis?
« on: December 09, 2002, 03:48:54 AM »
First off, hello everyone.  Been reading through the board and everyone seems very nice and helpful.  Web site is also very informative.   Well here goes, sorry about the length but lots of info here.

OK I am highly frustrated by all of this and needless to say it has been torturous given my nature to be active and play sports.  I was diagnosed with Quad tendinitis.   From what I understand tendonitis can be resolved in a few weeks.  I had tennis elbow resolved in 2 weeks.  


           Right knee has been bothering me and has remained slightly swollen for about 3 months now.  Kneecap has a constant “grinding” while extending knee, occasional popping sound, much less noticeable while bending or squatting.  Swelling is more predominant above the kneecap, with very slight (not constant) swelling below the kneecap.  Above you can feel the tendon is much harder then the left knee.  If you feel around with fingers in the middle of the quad tendon just above the kneecap you can determine a spot where there is a small bump/lump/knot (call it what you will).  Once the major sweeling went down, I did not have pain, uses stairs, walking, bending or squating but knee has always been crunching and slightly swollen.

Not much pain (thankfully) since initial occurrence, limped for a week.  Since this started I have been very inactive besides day-to-day stuff.  Cut out sports and have made very conscious effort to take it easy and heal.  I have been on a anti-inflammatory for about 6 to 7 weeks now (Vioxx).

32 year old male, 5’11”, 165 lbs. Always been an active person, played lots of sports, tennis twice a week, football, baseball, walking, some running etc.  About the middle of September (Thursday) during baseball practice chasing some fly balls, I noticed my knee was starting to “grind”.  There was no sudden pain, nothing that I can recall.  Just the knee not moving as smoothly as it usually does.  No pain at this point so I continued.  Did a lot of walking the two following days (Friday and Saturday) (slight swelling above the kneecap) Played football on Sunday.  Still a little swelling actually iced it this day, again no real pain just the swelling.  Lot of walking again on Monday, more swelling, some ice, then that night I played tennis.  Stopped in the middle of playing, was swelling, pain, and noticed that something is definitely not right.   Slight lack of mobility and a major  concern and scared to continue. For about a week after this point I had a slight limp walking.  From this point on I have been very inactive, no sports, just normal daily activities and some stretching.

Went to the doctor the following day (general practitioner), said he believed it was just tendonitis (did not do any testing on my knee).  Prescribed Naproxen said to let him know how it was after a week.  Stopped medicine after a few days due to feeling ill, after one week of same condition he sent me to an orthopedist.  
Orthopedist put his hand on my knee and hand me extend it twice, that was all he did.  Then took X-rays (everything negative) no MRI was taken. Prescribed Vioxx , told me to take it easy and see him in three weeks.  Knee was feeling slightly better initially.  Had a vacation to Hawaii, 11 hour plane ride seemed to put me back some.  While on vacation swimming and icing knee was helping, plane ride back worsened it.  Returned to Orthopedist after trip, he then sent me to Physical Therapy.  Therapist did a lot of initial testing and was feeling better at this point since he seemed to have a clue.  Did 3 to 4 weeks of PT. Definite improvement during this time.  PT consisted of, 10 minutes on the exercise bike, then stretching: calf, hamstring, quad.  Muscle building: leg lifts and quad strengthening. Finally ultrasound more quad stretching and then ice.  Was released from PT since there is no pain and feeling pretty good  Still slight swelling above the knee.  Everything was feeling good after being released.  Stopped the Vioxx and I went to the batting cages (bat right handed) and now it seems to have regressed to how it was before the PT.  A lot of swelling, lot of crunching and slight pain.  

I am concerned about the long period of time (3 months) on this and wondering if maybe I have a plica or something else?  What can I do to determine what is the actual cause?  Does anyone know if I can cause damage by doing activity?

Thanks in Advance for any insight

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Re: Quad Tendinitis?
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2010, 01:17:41 AM »
Ok this post is very old but it describes me to a T. I developed tendinitis after ACL surgery and it is making my patella click crackle and crunch. Anyone else has experienced this?
07/08/2010 - ACL tear and MCL strain
08/04/2010 - ACLr (ST+G autograft)