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Author Topic: I would also like an opinion or whatever you    (Read 1654 times)

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I would also like an opinion or whatever you  
« on: January 18, 2005, 09:40:09 PM »
After searching the web I found this place. I have been reading a lot of the posts, but still would like some of your opinions.
Two weeks ago I had a small slip at work on a muddy surface. My knee hurt.
So my boss sends me to the Doc who orders an MRI. Doc gets sick and almost a week later I get the results from the office clerk. I never talked to the doc again. She simply states that I have long standing Arthritis and might need injections. I go to the office to get a copy of my MRI.
So I went on the web to get some GOOD information.
Basically I feel Okay. Pain from slip is gone.  
So my knee problems are not directly related to my work activity.
I know I had arthritis but the MRI report looks like my knee is shot or does it?
If this was your knee what would you do next.  I have no idea what to do?

There is chronic central signal of the posterior medial meniscus. This is most suggestive of  a significant posterior medial meniscal degenerative type change. No acute tear is detected by MRI. The medial collateral ligament demonstrates no evidence of gross disruption. There is some increased signal beneath the medial collateral ligament compatible with chronic synovitis.

Laterally, the lateral meniscus is intact. The fibular collateral ligaments, illotibial band, and biceps femoris tendon attatchment sites all have a normal appearance.
There is a normal appearance to the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. A joint effusion is present, mild-to-moderate in nature.

The patellofemoral joint reveals rather extensive degenerative type signal with an osteochondral focus/lesion noted medially with extensive chondromalacia. Medial and lateral patellar retinaculum are intact. The lateral supratellar gutter reveals a few low signal foci probably relating to small loose bodies.

There is three-compartment degenerative type change particularly in the patellofemoral joint and medial compartment in the form of osteophytes.
The patellar tendon and quadriceps tendons have a normal appearance.

1)Chronic posterior medial meniscal type degenerative signal.
2) Significant degenerative type change of the patellofemoral joint with rather severe patellar chondromalacia and osteochondral type lesions with several loose bodies of the supratellar space.
3)Mild to moderate joint effusion.

Thanks Randy from Pittsburgh.

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Re: I would also like an opinion or whatever you  
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2005, 03:57:24 AM »
The public television station near me has a show called "Ask the Doctors" and last week a knee specialist was on.

A summation of the 45 minute call in show, if its not painful and disruptive, don't worry about it.  He said that knee injuries/problems don't tend to be silent.. if you have something bad going on, you know it.

If I were in your position, I would at least follow up with the doctor that sent you for the MRI.

Good luck,