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Author Topic: Swollen knee  (Read 637 times)

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Swollen knee
« on: January 19, 2005, 06:24:13 PM »
I have had a problem with my left knee for a few weeks. The day before Christmas my knee started to stiffen and it gradually swelled up to almost twice its size - there was a lot of fluid above the knee. For about 10 days I could barely walk a few steps without severe pain and I could only bend my knee about ten degrees. It occasionally seemed to slip too, causing me to lose balance. I hadn't had any injuries, but I have had problems with arthritis in my right foot, and a few days before my knee started to swell I had had problems with my foot. I thought my knee had started to swell because I had been limping on my left leg to take the pressure off my right foot.

I went to casualty over Christmas - the doc said it was an overuse injury. I rested it and gradually the swelling has gone down. But it still hurts a lot when I walk - every time I put my left foot down I get a pain at the front of my knee. I saw a physio yesterday. I told her that I had seen an orthopaedic surgeon a couple of years ago who told me I had arthritis in my foot caused by one leg being slightly longer than the other. The physio disagreed with the consultant - she said that she didn't think I did have one leg longer than the other, but that I do walk like I have one leg longer than the other! She is referring me to a colleague who has is a foot specialist, and she's given me knee exercises to do, and told me to put ice on my knee three times a day to take down the remaining swelling (although I can't really see that it is still swollen).

Since I started the exercises my knee feels worse. Is it something that will get worse before it gets better?? Or if it feels worse should I stop? Any ideas? And any ideas of how long it will take to recover?



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Re: Swollen knee
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2005, 07:34:25 PM »
Hi, it sounds that your PT has just given you exercises and left you to do them.  You should really be in supervised PT until you learn the proper technique.  The way my PT works is that if the exercises hurt my knee then I am not to do it anymore, but that is my knees and I have weight-bearing pain so lunges, wall slides and step exercises kill my knees.

Straight leg raises, half arcs, heel slides and calf stretches are the kind of exercises that are approved for me.  If you are not sure of your PT protocol you can always get a second opinion and find a PT that will work with you.  PT is a very important part of knee problems and good PT can help strengthen and keep your knees mobile.  PT also offer good pain management with ultrasound and acupuncture treatments for pain.

I think most doctors feel that 6-7 months of PT with the proper exercises for your condition should show knee improvement and more strength.  But, I am not a doctor and can only go by what I have read while researching my own knee problems.  It is a long process!

Good luck.  ;)
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