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Author Topic: Knee Injury Possibilities  (Read 1127 times)

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Knee Injury Possibilities
« on: January 14, 2005, 04:14:16 AM »
Hi all,

I train in Muay Thai(THai Boxing) and recently was working on teh heavy abg when I caught a big knee with my left on the bag but outside of the knee, normally we use the inner fleshy part of the knee. I knew immediately something dodgy had happened and consequently went to the physio, she said I had a bad ligament strain on the outer part of the knee and tendonitus at the front of the knee. At first it seemed to respond well but unfortunately then stood still and she gave me until after Christmas to clear up or she said she woudl refer me to a consultant. Unfortunately she left at Christmas and was meant to hadn voer to someone else but nothing got organised and I am now left still injured unsure of what to do.

Basically the symptoms where extreme pain when extending the knee totally straight, bending my leg and any twisting, getting out a car was a killer. Now the pain down the side has all but gone(95%) and the pain at the front kinda at the top of the shin where it goes towards the knee is still bad. If say I sit for ten minutes then try to straighten my knee there ar eall kinds of clicks and if I bend my knee there are many clicks, one when I bend my knee as if to do the stand up quads stretch is a painful click and feel almost as if a bone is driving up to come straight out of my knee. The physio first of all ruled out the meniscus but was then worried after four sessions that it was possibly a meniscus tear.

If I attempt any kind of fast movement it hurts. The best way fo describing how the pain was is if I sit on a chair and try to pull one leg up to place it on the other ie calf parallel to chest adn thigh straight out as normal there was a  lot of pain but that has improved and I can now lift my leg up without pickng it up with my hand. In some ways I feel like I'm 90% fixed and could be a few weeks away from raining but I can't even jog yet and I am worried about all these clicks.

What I would be grateful for advice on is whats the next course of action? I wanted to avoid x rays but also don't want to find out later there is a problem that needed x ray, if I go to a specialist do I need to of ben refered from my doctor to claim on health insurance and who would people advise I see? If there is someone in London who is excellent with knee injuries I would be glad for the recommendation as my principal instuctor is back from training abroad and I will be falling behind soon and really am now out of fitness and not looking forward to beginning training again out of shape!

Thank you for everybody's time and help.

Sorry, forgot to add there is pain walking up adn down stairs as well. This has got better on normal stairs but just the other day an escalator had stopped and had to wlak up was extremely painful right at top of shin where it meets the knee, kneecap area I suppose you would say.
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