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Author Topic: Mutant nknee thing  (Read 745 times)

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Mutant nknee thing
« on: January 02, 2005, 08:09:54 AM »
I did not know where to put this so I put it in the general.

Here is the story.
A little over a year and a half ago I was in jym class reseling. while pulling someone form the left side of me to the right i herd a pop I thought my knee just poped because of the weight put on it.  I got up shruged it off and weighted for the wisel.  We locked arms and it poped agen when weight was applied to it.  I went over to the coatch and asked to go to the nurse kind of hopping like.  Sure he said.  The nurse was a little mor concerned when I talked to her.  She thought it could be my acl (my syster riped hers off three years back so I was not excided about that thought.) because i said it felt like something was loose. I got crutches a ace bandade and my mom who gave me a ride home.  Where I met my dad. Then I was off to the ER.  About two hours and three wheel chair rides later the x-rays came.  Now I was good news it was not the acl or some thing around that line.  It was a bone growth that snaped at the base.  Well that all they could do for me in the Er except for a pair of crutches that were my size (wow $80 just for them).  We went to the specilest at a sports medicen clineck that was about to close for the night.  After weighting more the doc showed up.  He explained that it was a grow that broke (yah old news) and that there was nothing that he could do at the moment.  He set me up with a MRI.  for me to do another day. He also gave me a soft cast to where that went the hole length of my leg.  This was to try to keep  it emobe so that it would have a chance to heal.  It was to keep it emobil so it would not cause any more damage.  Now to explane the x-ray a little.  When looking at it you can see it on the side of the leg.  It is shaped like a coleflower of a pice of brocly (the vegtiables sorry about spelling)  it is defently not small mabe a inch long and a cementer wide it's hard to tell o and much thiner at the base like a mushrume cloud (it broke in the middle).  Lets jump ahead the MRI is done and it is concluded that in 6 months I needed another one.  That sergery was not a option untill my growth plate stoped growing that it has a 1% chance of being malgnent and that the best thing at the moment would be for it to heal.   I was on cruches for 6 week and then I was in  rehab for 4.  They over laped a little for my leg had been kepted stright for so long that the jont hert to move (bad like)  and it was not strong enough bla bla ect.  This all happend right befor my first track meet 2 days away kind of a bummer.  Now for the funny part.  One of the muscles I cant remember which on goes next to the bone sper people are now calling it.  when I would flex this musule the bone sper would make a clunking noise becaus it never really healed for more then half a year (the sper is where the mussle whould normly be).  That nois slowly decrease as it menended though so that it stoped compleatly.  I am now a year and 6 months over due for my next MRI (every 6 months I was sposto get one) (weight I think it has been longer this happend salfmore year and I am now a seioner.   any ways I ran track last year  (my first full season of it) and I have done my first two meets in cross county skying. so it is not like the thing is hindering me in any way i just half to make sure that i dont rebreak it by doing something dumb.  I don't need a MRI to know that it has grown now you can see a lump in my leg.  and you can feel it easly.  Which I half to say is a great way to grose out some of the sqeamish.  Now hear is one of the problem though.  I have never been a good althelts lung problems and what not.  Bufor the incedent I had decent amount of mussle tone due to weight ligting over the winter for track in the spring.  when I was on the cruches I lost it.  Now that I am in sports Im getting it back.  That mussle I said that would cause it to make that klunking noise is now the larges it has been since and the bone sper is getting in the way.  One or my groing concerns is that the mussle will try to take potiton under the sper in hops for more room for right now it is starting to over lap and stulf (causing problem when it is bumped).  Lets just say that when I due do the dume thing that I love to do it gets bashed up not enough to break it mind you but burses will form which is extreamly rarer for me.  The theary that I develped was that from moeing the lawn which I due a to (many many ackesr like 15 i think) the old riding lawnmoer had the blade ingager righ next to where my knee would rest when ever I hit a bump (Im on a farm so like ever few seckounds) my knee woukd hit it some times realy hard. I figured it damaged the growth plate in some way causing it to grow.  The reason for this spectulation all the doctor that I went to and all of them had the same coment "I never seen any thing like this"  even the rehabe guys said that. o and the femer is noticably thiner were the sper is so I figure instead of the bone going for my feamer it grew out to the side.

Any way sorry to have rambled so long
any coments questions or diagnosis would be apreashed
(sorry agion about the spelling)

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Re: Mutant nknee thing
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2005, 03:32:11 PM »
Hello mutant,

I had a spur of bone growing out of my right femur. I just grew there by itself. I didnít cause mine by knocking my leg or anything. Mine did exactly the same weird noise that yours does as the muscle moved over the spur. The bigger my muscle got the more the spur would stick into it and cause the muscle to tear a bit.
I left it for about seven years and would have been able to live a perfectly normal life if I just used my knee for  normal activities and a bit of aerobics each week. However, I wanted to be a dancer so I had to do something about it as I kept having to turn down work. But the good news is I had surgery to remove the spur, Iíve got a small 2 inch scar on my leg but it works perfectly and I was back dancing with in eight weeks post op!
I don't know how helpful this is, but at least now you know that somebody else out there had a mutant knee too!