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Author Topic: Help in diagnosing my knee problem?  (Read 1999 times)

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Help in diagnosing my knee problem?
« on: December 07, 2004, 03:59:50 PM »
And yes, I'm new here!

A long-time daily runner......for the last few years, I've been running about 25 minutes per day....every day.  Speed is about 8.5 - 9 minutes per mile.  I've had my share of problems over the years, but never a knee problem until now.

There was no "event".....just a gradual onset....which I tried to run through untilI realized it was just getting worse.  I rested three weeks using ice....and then started up walking and running for a minute or two at a time....and then up to ten minutes.  But the problem has returned.  Another ten days of rest.....and I have the symptoms even with I'm totally resting it now.

The problem is at about "10 o'clock'.....if the inside of the knee is 9 o'clock and the kneecap is 12 o'clock.  It seems to be just above the "flat" bone on the inside of the knee.  The area includes the muscle/tissue area above that "flat bone" where the thigh muscle joins to the inside knee area.  The symptoms include "twinges" of mild irritation/pain; and a feeling of weakness.  The more I push it, the greater the irritation.....eventually giving way to some stiffness.  Any ideas?

I was wondering if an MRI would make sense?  If so, I wonder how much an MRI would cost (no insurance)?

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Re: Help in diagnosing my knee problem?
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2004, 11:14:34 PM »
MRI's run around $2200 or so, depending on the hospital. Does this pain seem to bother you more when you have sat for a long period of time ?

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Re: Help in diagnosing my knee problem?
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2005, 03:25:14 PM »
Both of my MRIs cost a little over 1200.00 each. I would see an OS first though, you might not even need one or maybe x-rays will do the trick.
good luck
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Re: Help in diagnosing my knee problem?
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2005, 10:08:42 AM »
Hi iluvnascar

Here in the UK you need to see an OS who will refer you for an MRI.  You can't have an MRI without this referral.

I don't know if it is like this elsewhere.

If you do see an OS and they tell you that you need to get an MRI.  I would shop around.  Also tell them that it is not an insurance deal.  The hospitals, or clinics charge differently.

I found out that they, in fact, charge less to private patients than to insurance patients, due to the fact that they receive payment quicker.  Insurance companies make them wait much longer for payment and they usually have to fill in lots of paperwork.

I wish you well. ;)
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Re: Help in diagnosing my knee problem?
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2005, 05:42:51 PM »
Thanks to those of you who have commented.....I appreciate your time and interest.

After further thought and consideration (and rest!), I have come to the conclusion that I have tendinitis in the knee area.  The twinges of pain that I was experiencing went away with rest and ice - lots and lots of ice - and I have begun a slow climb back to my daily running regimen.

After complete rest for three weeks after stopping running on Nov 01st, I tried to get back in the groove gradually starting with only 6 minutes of running - but it proved unsuccessful as I approached 10 minutes/day - the pain and problems reappeared.  So I rested another month and started back on Dec 29th with a 2-minute run.  Since then I have increased the time every day (18 days now); and have managed to get to a bit more than 10 minutes (today).  So far, so good.  It's not perfect.......I still have general stiffness, but I'm doing OK with ice several times a day....and I hope to continue.

As I said, I'm now convinced it's just tendinitis brought on by aging 22+ years of daily running.  In fact, I've noticed stiffness in both knees - and I can only hope that it doesn't get worse for a long time!  I'd sure hate to give up running and will carry on as long as I can put one foot in front of the other.  I had always thought that over time, the body adapts to whatever it is facing - and that daily running would force the body (arms, legs, joints, AND the mind) to strengthen whatever needs strengthening in order to tolerate the strain.  So for now, I'll just treat my experience as a blip in my running log and hope I can continue.

I'm long past high mileage and marathons.....I just want to get back to 3 miles a day @8.5 minutes/mile.

Thanks again to all of you........