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Author Topic: Fractured patella  (Read 2898 times)

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Fractured patella
« on: November 22, 2002, 04:55:05 PM »
Can anyone help me with advice on a fractured patella that occured on July 4th 2002.
I am having a nightmare with pain in my knee and my hip.
I was in a plaster cast for 10 weeks and when it came out of plaster physio was not available for 3 weeks.
I am left now with a very swollen and hot deformed knee.
The fracture was in four pieces but the bottom two smashed to pieces, I had the pins and tension wiring done the next day.
It feels now as if the wires are connected to my thigh which restricts my movement although I have about 90 degree bend in it.
Who can offer me some sound advice ????

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Re: Fractured patella
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2002, 10:04:02 PM »

I smashed my patella into a zillion pieces in April, so I can relate!
Some things to try
1. As far as the knee being hot and red- That will bug you on and off for a whille.  I'm sure you are icing, but ice several times a day.  As  a physical Therapist friend of mine told me, "Ice the sh#t out of it".  Get a few gel packs and rotate them constantly.  I still have a couple at work and at home.
2. Do you think your  hip hurting because you are limping/ not back to normal gait?  If so, then try an elliptical trainer at the PT or gym.  I started with this when I got rid of my brace (and I was bending at roughly 90 degrees, but still walking a bit stiff).  I swear, that is how I got rid of my limp.
3. If the metal is bugging you, you can have it taken out 6-12 months after the main surgery.  But are you sure the metal is what is restricting your movement?  ROM was very difficult to get back after a broken patella (seeing as you have surgery right away- double trauma).  I was in a brace, so they had me start bending the day after surgery, and it took me a while. It must have been harder for you begin in a straigh cast for 10 weeks!  (sounds like you are almost on the schedule I was, but I started bending much earlier!)  I used to be very concerned about this.  But the PT and Doc said, as long as you are seeing progress, no matter how slow it is- "Dont' worry, it'll come".    And it did!  Now, I can get 140 degrees easily, and with a little effort of streching and pushing, can get it all the way.  

I was in a  brace for 3 months, the first two, it was locked straight.  Now, I'm almost back to normal as far as day to day activities, but I get soreness here and there, stairs still a bit tough, and still restricted athletically (alhtough I have started running on the treadmill- althoguh I have a major limp while running).  But beleive me, there was a time where I thought I'd never walk normally again. It just takes time, unfortunately!   :-X

Good Luck!

Shattered patella 4/6/2002.  
Fixed w/ open surgery 4/8/2002, using Two Screws, and Figure of Eight Tension Band Wiring.  Hardware removed 5/28/2003.

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Re: Fractured patella
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2002, 12:14:04 PM »
Hi Rhonda,
Thanks for the advice. Went for a visit to a shopping centre yesterday, it was a nightmare, had to take my crutch cos every time I lifted my leg it felt as if my kneecap had detached itself.
Still a visit to the Orthopeadic surgeon on the 2nd Dec may give some answers. ( might not like them but at least I will know )
His last comment was " I hope its not too late " Never found out what that meant. We will see.
Nice talking to you and I hope you are improving every day !
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