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Author Topic: Pain just below kneecap?  (Read 1092 times)

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Pain just below kneecap?
« on: December 03, 2004, 03:58:25 AM »
Hi there:

Just a quick question for any of you who might have some idea.  I have written before about my bruised lateral tibial plateau and lateral femoral condyle but I was wondering if this would cause alot!!! of aching and sharp pain just below the knee cap on the front of my leg?

As I live in B.C. I have been told that it could be up to a year before I see a OS and then longer to have anything done so I am really just shooting in the dark right now.  Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Love to ride!!!


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Re: Pain just below kneecap?
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2004, 06:14:38 AM »
Ohhhh that is horrible that you have to wait so long.

I had a lateral femoral chondyle lesion and it caused a lot of pain in the front especially when my leg was bent. OS said when my leg was bent it was exposing the lesion and that causes pain.

Best of luck to you


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Re: Pain just below kneecap?
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2004, 02:54:09 PM »
If you have to wait that long to see an orthopedic surgeon you better make sure he is an experienced knee specialist or you might have an even longer wait.  Did your GP refer to to one of the top OS in the region you live in?  When you have your next appointment I would talk to your GP and find out more info on who you are being sent to.  
I never had to wait as long as that, but I am going to the third orthopedic surgeon and still do not know if he is the one to fix my problems.  In Canada guess the politicians do not have any knee problems or the waiting would not be such a problem for pain sufferers.
You can Google Search :  College of physicians and surgeons and get the names of orthopedic surgeons in your area if that helps you any.
Good luck to you.

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Re: Pain just below kneecap?
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2004, 03:40:33 PM »
Even better go to the knee surgeons link at the top of this page and then locate your country....then your area etc>>>>>

It lists the "best" knee surgeons in your area and their contact info.

Good Luck
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Re: Pain just below kneecap?
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2004, 03:54:07 PM »
Hi Andrew,  in Canada that list still might not mean that the OS is a knee specialist.  It works so different up here than it does in other countries.
I called many OS offices and was first told that they could handle any knee problems, then when you ask what surgeries they specialize in that is when you find out that they can not do anything but LR's.  If you have malalignment issues plus patella tilt you might need a surgeon that does TTT surgery or other proceedures.  When you have to wait so long for an appointment you might want to make sure he can darn well do the surgeries (if needed) so you don't have to wait six more months to see another OS.  If you need surgery here you wait another 6 to 12 months for the surgery.
It is all pretty overwhelming when you are suffering with pain all through this waiting game.
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