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Author Topic: Knee Surgeons Recommendations  (Read 1325 times)

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Knee Surgeons Recommendations
« on: December 02, 2004, 11:15:33 AM »
I have a partially torn ACL inmy left knee due to a skiing accident at the start of last year.  I have been receiving physio for it rather than surgery to reconstruct the ligament as my knee was not unstable.  However, my knee has become more lax over time and it appears that this may be pushing my patella out of position and creating discomfort and pain thus hindering my rowing and sculling training.

I am currently under the care of Mr Dominic Spicer at London Bridge hospital who I have been very happy with but with the possibility of an ACL reconstruction being necessary, I have been encouraged by various people to seek a second opinion and have received some recommendations of who to see.  I was wondering what views people had of the surgeons below - good or bad - and indeed of my current surgeon.

Mr J Bell - Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon
Mr Jonathan Lavelle - Lister Hospital, London
Mr David Elliott - Runnymede Hospital, Runnymede

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Re: Knee Surgeons Recommendations
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2004, 11:50:22 AM »
Sorry to hear about the knee, but with the right surgeon and PT etc, you "should" get better! And 2nd 3rd 4th opinions are great, and I would definatley see a sports medicine ortho, or an ortho who is a knee specialist! But once youve been diagnosed with a torn ACL pretty much the conclusion is the same, surgical repair! So, in turn pick out whatever dr you feel comfortable with and get along with and go from there! Its gonna be a while but youll get through it, But i would suggest getting it taken care of a.s.a.p. because with a maltracking patella and not getting it taken care of you might be having a 3 for 1 surgery once the doc gets in there and finds some more things wrong! good luck and welcome to KneeGeeks!
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