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Author Topic: Synvisc reaction & recovery  (Read 19822 times)

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Re: Synvisc reaction & recovery
« Reply #15 on: January 04, 2014, 03:17:17 PM »
I had a Synvisc One injection just before Christmas. Had a local injected first, although couldn't feel it being injected at all, then the Synvisc One, hurt a little whilst the needle was in, but once that was withdrawn, knee felt fine. Best nights sleep I had had for a long time that night. Being as my knee is grade iv OA, I believe the results so far are worth it, as the pain has eased off, except after too much exercise which is less than previously. I was told that the injection could work straight away or may take up to 4-6 week to take effect. I had some slight swelling but I put it down to putting more fluid into the knee. I took it easy for a couple of day, by not exercising, but then went back to it as normal.
Unfortunately whilst at the hospital I was told that the NHS is no longer funding this injection, and I only got it because it had been ordered in a few months previously. Sounds like I may have to pay privately to get the benefits again. I will wait and see.