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Author Topic: No Treatments for Tendinitis i was told !!  (Read 925 times)

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No Treatments for Tendinitis i was told !!
« on: November 25, 2004, 02:13:12 AM »
Hi there ;D, Ive been suffering with pain just below the kneecap for about 3-4 years now, non-stop. It took two years but i finally got to see a consultant at Hereford County Hospital. I saw a consultant called Mr Sibly. I had an MRI and he said it looked ok. So he could only assume that i had tendinitis. Another consultant wanted to be sure i had tendinitis and wanted to have a patella anthroscopy ??? ( the camera thing !?!) but Mr sibly over ruled him and said it was too expensive when he was already quite confident. He then basically told me there was no treaments for tendinitis and id have to "live with it". Is this true becuase i just didnt believe him he seemed all too keen to get rid of me  >:(.
Since then my knee has got worse. I now can only use and Automatic car, the year i started having pain i came in the top 15th in the nationals ( 100m under 16s) Ive stopped that of course and i played for the county football team.
Help !! ;D :)

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Re: No Treatments for Tendinitis i was told !!
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2004, 06:53:10 AM »
I have patellar tendonitis in my "good" knee, basically from overuse and overcompensation for the bad one. I was given a 10 day course of anti-inflammatories as well as 6 weeks of PT. I just started the PT last week but so far it has consisted of ultrasound and ice massage directly on the tendon and bottom of my patella as well as some basic strenghtening exercises. I haven't seen alot of relief as of yet but it has only been about a week since I started PT for this. So there is something that can be done for tendonitis to try and help it in terms of doing PT and possibly trying some anti-inflamms. Hope this helps!

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Re: No Treatments for Tendinitis i was told !!
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2004, 04:37:18 PM »
I too have tendonitis in my "good" knee.  I do strength exercises on that leg to keep the muscle strong.  I also ice it after activity, take glucosomine (spelling), everyday, and I have ibuprofen for flare-ups.  If im consistent with treatment, I can keep a lot of the pain away.

Good luck, patti
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Re: No Treatments for Tendinitis i was told !!
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2004, 11:43:40 PM »
Hi there!

Sorry to hear about your condition as I know how frustrating it is. In answer to your question there is a cure for Tendonitis and I had it......BUT not simple! :o

For three years I played Football (UK) with a brace on because my knee was so painful. After a game I had to ice for about 3 days and the main thing I remember was that I could never get full extension in my leg full stop...Too painful. I also lacked explosive take off power because that is what the Patella tendon soaks up (Jumpers knee in US - Basketball).

Anyway due to the fact that I was fortunate enough to have BUPA cover I saw a specialist consultant. In the consultation there was also a chartered physio. To cut a long story short they had never had any experience (about 50 years combined) of successfully treating TDITIS with physio  :(  You see it is catch 22.....You work to strengthen the leg but this aggrevates the Tendon  ::)

Therefore the only other option was surgery, to remove the "bad" parts of tendon. Anyway I mulled over this for the three years whilst struggling on with my brace (Played pain and brace free up till then). At the end of the day surgery is not a chosen pass time!

I eventually had enough and went under the knife in July 2000 and after 9 months of physio and patience I was back doing everything as normal.

And touch wood I have never felt it ever again and the knee is strong as an ox!

But that is my story and there are no guarantees with surgery. I would definetely ask for a second opion or see a physio who specialises in jumping sports.

Let me know if you require any more info. and good luck!

PS. I have the small matter of an ACL recon. in 6 days on the OTHER knee.  ;D I must love a challenge
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