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Author Topic: New twist to an old knee  (Read 861 times)

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New twist to an old knee
« on: November 24, 2004, 04:14:31 AM »
  Back to knee troubles after many years of trouble free motoring.  Curling season is in full swing again and that usually means from 2 to 8 games in a week.   Last week I curled a game on Wed. and my knee seemed fine, maybe a little stiff but basically normal.  I played again Thurs. and by the end of the game I was in pain.  Pronounced limping that night and unable to straighten completely.  Next day, considerable pain when straightening leg as in normal walking, and a feeling of major instability in my knee including occasional complete collapsing of the joint.  It has been improving slowly, day to day.  I did some extensive searching on the web for info and found this site a goldmine.  One of the symptoms of this occasion was the large lump behind my knee.  It was in evidence prior to my game on Thursday but not on Wed. I had always assumed this knot/lump was muscular in origin and have tried to stretch it out, to no avail.  This lump is certainly not unusual, I can remember being aware of it often in the past, during curling and during golf but it usually went away without incident.   In the past it has never manifested itself in pain to this extreme and my knee has never felt this unstable.   From my web search and this site I learned that the lump behind the knee is not muscular in origin but in fact  a "Baker's cyst"  which would indicate some type of injury within the knee itself.  Went to my GP today and she confirmed it as Baker's cyst and is going to schedule me for a visit to a specialist.  She also pulled and pushed on my tib/fib to check for fore/aft mobility or looseness but none was evident.  She had some x-rays taken and I suppose will forward them to the Specialist.  I am wondering if I should undertake a regular program of stretching and strengthening in the time before I get to see the speciallist?  Any tips or hints?  Given the waiting times  in today's Medical system here in Manitoba, I will probably have a considerable wait to get in.   I have had knee problems in the past  but for the last 10 years or so its been behaving very nicely.  One thing I should mention is that I had a peculiar thing happen golfing this past June.  I hit a drive and then turned to walk back to my bag when my knee collapsed on me.  It was the exact same feeling, the lump behind the knee, the instability and the excruciating pain if I tried to straighten my knee.  This lasted about 30 minutes.  That time, I quit taking a full swing but stayed out on the course and finished the round, in a one legged sort of way.  My knee was a little sore that evening but  by the next day it felt fine.  I took a week off golf and then returned  to play regularily and my knee never bothered me again golfing this year.  It seems weird that the lump shows up and then the pain in my knee, never the other way around.  Many years ago (early 90s) I had the same knee lock up on me playing baseball and at that time had an MRI done,     My specialist of the day advised that while there was some scar tissue and damage evident within my knee, arthroscoping to clean it up may not improve the situation significantly, in fact it may worsen it, so I did nothing except physio and excercising.  Then no problemes for over 10 year and now this...go figure.........  Funny thing though,  in past years I haven't done much conditioning prior to curling other than 5 minutes of stretching just before playing.  This year, however, I felt that in deference to my aging body, I should do somewhat more.  For about 6 weeks prior to the curling season, I undertook a stretching and exercise program, paying particular attention to stretching of the legs and knee joints. much for that theory.......