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Author Topic: I'm new, thought I'd say hi :)  (Read 1590 times)

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I'm new, thought I'd say hi :)
« on: December 10, 2007, 01:12:51 AM »
I'm Nikki, I'm 18 and live in Colchester, Essex (UK). I joined here as I've had Chrondomalacia Patella since I was 10 and I've finally resigned myself to the fact I'm going to have to put up with it for a long time yet! Figured I'd get to know some others like me and found this forum when I googled CP.

The story behind my condition isn't as exciting as what I've read so far, I just had a growth spurt, the bones grew but the muscles didn't. I've had numerous courses of physio, but none have helped. I had an op the July before last on my right knee, but it's made both knees worse. And I've just ditched the idea of acupuncture, I had one session and the needles didn't work for me, she switched to acupressure which has deteriorated my condition :(

CP has made my life quite hellish, especially after I turned 18 and realised that I couldn't go out with my friends in case something happened (which it always does, sods law! :p). I like to drink on occasion (who doesn't? ;)) but can't really drink anything now as I have a tendency to not feel the pain in my legs anymore, which means I can't tell when they're about to go out on me which in turn normally ends up with me collapsed on a pub floor somewhere. Same happens if I dare to have painkillers :/
I also am learning to drive, which is a nightmare! But it's a laugh and I'm definately going to invest in an automatic car once I've passed my test! =D

Random info:
I kayak and am going to train to become a BCU Coach. I am a HP obsessive and am an admin for the Harry Potter Alliance forums. I am going to donate my hair in the new year to The Little Princesses Trust. Er.. I have always thought I'd make a good archaeologist, so I'm retaking my A Levels in my spare time so that I can study Archaeology and Anthropology in a couple of years time :)

I am planning to make a website about CP for CP sufferers and their teachers/employers in the future, basically whenever I have time I work on it. Mainly I'm doing that as I can never find a decent website that has a good range of non-jargon information on the condition, and my teachers and 'employers' don't believe me when I try to explain the condition, and I don't want others to have the same problem. Any input would be nice though!

That's about it!
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Nikki, 18, Colchester - Essex (UK)
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Chrondomalacia Patella 8 years. Physio on and off. One arthroscopy (right knee). Acupressure (managed 6 sessions).

15 Dec 07 - Seeing specialist [again]