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Author Topic: Bi Lateral Synvisc?  (Read 2852 times)

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Bi Lateral Synvisc?
« on: June 03, 2009, 03:36:39 PM »
Hi All-

I'm a newbie to the injection world.  I have general joint hypermobility (most likely ED) and have had problems with my knees since sometime around 2000.  Thus far, efforts have focused on correcting the alignment and stability of my left knee.  Stability is finally doing better but I'm still dealing with a lot of pain under the knee cap, grinding cracking etc.  I have similar problems with both pain under the patella and instability in the right knee (waiting to correct the alignment on that one until I get longer term sucess with the stability in the left one.)

After developing stomach/gastro issues from taking way way way too much advil, I went and saw my OS earlier this week for an alternative.  He has suggested bi-lateral synvisc injections. (he had suggested trying it in December but I put it off in lieu of a cortisone shot -- which didn't help.)

After reading the board and doing some other research I'm left with two questions:

1. Has anyone else gone with the bi-lateral approach.  I've read some of the negative comments on the thread and am wondering whether this is really a good idea.  If anyone has done it, what do you think the pro's and con's are?  My OS indicated that there would be no restrictions after the shots -- ie. "feel free to head to the gym that night if you want" -- but looking at the literature it seems like it can slow you down a little for a few days.  Will this be a problem with a bi-lateral approach?

2. Has anyone heard of whether people with collegen disorders like ED tend to have more reactions?  I wouldn't think so but I guess it's worth asking.  My OS hasn't had any problems and he's been using Synvisc for 14 years, but I tend to be the first one for weird reactions for him...

Any opinions or insight would be appriciated.


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Re: Bi Lateral Synvisc?
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2009, 07:04:55 PM »
I've done bilateral with very good results.  I wouldn't say all the pain is gone, but its 90% better.   I still take tylenol or aspirin or celebrex once in awhile when I really need to function at my best, but most of the time, I take nothing.  My main problem is actually not my knees anymore, but all the tightened muscles from the period of time I was incapacitated.   Im doing physical therapy to take care of that and hopefully will be much better after that.