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Author Topic: What now???  (Read 1665 times)

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What now???
« on: November 13, 2002, 06:04:47 PM »
Hey Everyone

Well most of you already know my story (If not see below for brief list / history).  Well I am supposed to be weaaring a Tendonitis Strap but surprise surprise no one has one and they are all on back order.  I may get one friday.  Howerver I only have another week left of physio (Tomorrow marks the 2 week point) until i have to try soethign else.  Well things were not getting any worse at physio so i figured it may be doing sme good.  However this mornign i woke up and my knee feels extremely swollen and painful.  going upstairs was torture this morning.  I am already taking 200 of celebrex a day and am supposed to be weaning off them when ready too.  Right now i feel like i should be doubling my dose!!.  Im very scared about this because both the PT and OS said that if left too long without improvement could casue damage to my quads and in turn cause my knee to misalign again.  Im very concerned about what to do now and what is going to happen.  Will this strap perform miracles if i ever do get one?  Is it just a temporary thing or does it actually work ot fix the problem?  If it does fix the problem how long does it take?  Thanx everone!