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Author Topic: ACL and Menisci tear  (Read 886 times)

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ACL and Menisci tear
« on: October 24, 2004, 04:48:08 AM »
Hi there

Just had confirmed that I have an ACL tear and have also torn both lateral and medial Menisci and have some bone bruising. This was a footballing injury. I am looking for the best surgeons in London and have so far been recommended to see Jonathan Lavelle. Andrew Williams is another, but he seems to be booked up for some time. Can anyone give me feedback on either of these two surgeons? I am looking to get back into competative football and would like to see the best people who can help me.



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Re: ACL and Menisci tear
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2004, 06:50:44 AM »
I dont know either surgeon personally but click on this link and you can read up on them some more (Jonathan Lavelle anyway)
In addition there are some other recommended knee surgeons listed....Anyone who makes it to the "recommended" page on this site is almost guaranteed as good as there is a rigorous criteria to get put on there (see knee surgeons link for full info)

Just scan down this link for London!

Good Luck
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Big bucket handle tear to lateral meniscus from sporting injury. Arthroscopy and meniscal repair carried out June 2004. sloooowwww recovery!!

2018 - torn medial meniscus in RH knee, partial extrusion. ongoing issues,