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Author Topic: Pain behind knee (back of leg)  (Read 1095 times)

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Pain behind knee (back of leg)
« on: October 23, 2004, 08:36:36 AM »
I have been having pain behind my knees for a couple years now. I've had two surgeries to shave plicae and to smooth out the patella. I know i don't have a bakers cyst, arthiritis, or just tight hamstrings. What else could this pain be?
2 surgeries dedicated to plica removal. 1 to remove scar tissue in my left knee. And another “pie crusting” of my IT Band. As of 2012 I am still not recovered.

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Re: Pain behind knee (back of leg)
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2004, 12:24:06 PM »
Plica is often associated with PFS or patello-femoral syndrome.  That diagnosis or syndrome covers a lot of territory--mal-tracking kneecaps, poor knee mechanics in general, etc.  

There could also be complications of your previous surgeries, like scar tissue.  Or you could have a totally unrelated situation going on--meniscal damage, even early arthritis.

It takes a good doctor to sort all this out--preferrably one who specializes in knees.  If you want to post where you live, I'm sure someone here knows of a great surgeon in your area or within traveling distance.

Also, you might want to go down to the patello-femoral joint section, and read up on people who have PFS, chondromalacia, cartilage damage, mal-tracking kneecaps, etc.  The 'general info' tab at the top of this page is also a great primer on knees--check out step 5 'patellae' and then go to other steps from there.

Another great web page for background info is
for info on PFS

for details on chondral lesions--which is basically chondromalacia and/or osteoarthritis, depending on how far it's advanced.  Chondral damage is just a fancy way of saying damaged articular cartilage, or the stuff that coats the bones around the knee joint and keeps things moving smoothly.  When you get an area of damage, it can cause you a lot of pain.  

There are various ways of dealing with these types of issues--first you have to accurately identify them.  Physical therapy with a knowledgable PT who understands knees and PFS would probably be where any orthopedic surgeon would start with a case like yours, unless something definitive shows up during their first examination.  Unfortunately, PFS is rarely that cooperative!  Some doctors miss it entirely, or tell you that there is nothing to be done for it.  That's why you really need to find a knee guru....

Hope this information helps.

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Scope #1: LR, part. menisectomy w/cyst, chondroplasty
#2-#5: Lysis of adhesions/scar tissue, AIR, patellar tendon debridement, infections, MUA, insufflation
#6: IT band release / Z-Plasty, synovectomy, LOA/AIR, chondroplasty
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Re: Pain behind knee (back of leg)
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2004, 11:54:50 PM »
I had a great deal of pain behind my knee when I was diagnosed with a Baker's cyst.  Go see an OS. It was caused by maltracking patella.  Good luck.

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