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Author Topic: new tear on post-surgical MRI  (Read 1806 times)

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new tear on post-surgical MRI
« on: October 09, 2004, 05:48:45 PM »
I had an ACL repair (it was reattached to the femoral attachment) in March 04 and a partial lateral meniscus repair at the same time.  I was immobilized for six weeks after surgery to secure the new attachment.

I've had a hellish course of recovery since; lots of pain and stiffness in spite of aggressive PT.  I'm still walking with a limp and reluctant to walk, for that matter.  ROM is somewhat although not dramatically limited.

After several  months of complaints about this to my OS he concluded probable arthrofibrosis and encouraged continued aggressive PT, which I've done.  My symptoms have been about the same for months now; pretty much ongoing pain and stiffness.

Finally ordered an MRI last week (7 months post-surgical) which revealed  NEW (apparently) complex tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus.  That had been clear on the pre-surgical MRI and I'm assuming he looked at it during the scope and it was OK.

So how could this have happened?  I certainly haven't been doing anything twisting or cutting; the pain has limited my mobility and I've been very conservative because that's my nature.  Could the ACL repair itself have caused another tear that wasn't there  before?  I am certainly not happy that possibly I've been walking around for the past six months doing further damage, nor that my complaints have been brushed aside and not pursued before now.Nor am I at all thrilled about more surgery.  I found it a terrifying experience.

Any ideas would be most welcome.  I want to be informed with questions and some knowledge before I see the OS  (I got the report myself before he did).

ACL repair 3/04
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Re: new tear on post-surgical MRI
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2004, 05:37:47 AM »
You might go to the hospital and get a copy of the operative report. It may indicate the condition of the medial meniscus at the time of surgery, or not say anything at all about it, in which case I'd have to wonder if he even looked at it.

My OS tends to look at everything while he's in there, and take pics of the intact stuff as well as the damages, covering his keester, or just being thorough, whichever's applicable, if not both.

If you have doubts about if it was missed, get all the documentation - reports, pics etc, and get another opinion if you feel that prudent.

Some of the others who have experience with arthrofibrosis might have some ideas for you too.
multiple arthroscopies 2/00,3/01,6/01,1/03, 12/07,10/10. chondromalacia, severe medial joint space narrowing following 3 partial menisectomies, chronic pain problems, kneecap problems, OCD lesion, failed mfx.