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  1. I regret it
  2. 8 hip surgeries and now bilateral grade 4 CMP - fed up - when will it end?
  3. Everything is impossible until someone puts the work in
  4. journey of bi-lateral derotational osteotomies of tibias for my daughter
  5. Group Skype Meeting for Camaraderie + Encouragement
  6. When walking becomes a torture
  7. I'm tired..
  8. Breaking my Spirit
  9. Kneecap Dislocation 4 days ago
  10. x
  11. Down the dumps
  12. Feeling down.... with no light at the end of the tunnel yet!
  13. Feeling lost/down without solution in sight
  14. Patellar tendinitis
  15. learning to walk again after emerging from knee brace, not doing so good, depres
  16. Feeling down during recovery?
  17. Slowly going crazy....
  18. MOVED: advice! will i play again?
  19. Knee surgery #4; down, depressed and nervous
  20. Going mental
  21. No support system
  22. New Here....looking for support during ACL recon recovery
  23. Clearing the clutter: Writing letters?
  24. I refuse treatment after last ER Visiit
  25. Post-ACLR/meniscus Op blues
  26. How do you deal with it?
  27. Psychology of recovery
  28. I am a new person after PT
  29. Knee Recovery
  30. Knee Scope Cartilage - Mentally Exhausted
  31. Hospital inpatient - MPFL and so much pain!
  32. Panic Attacks, Grief, & Scared to have another surgery
  33. Multiple ligament reconstruction - outcomes/encouragement???
  34. 7 weeks post-ACL recon-anxiety/trusting your knee again?
  35. metal detector
  36. Frustrated, have to vent.
  37. Tired and frustrated
  38. My come back from two knee surgeries and a shoulder surgery
  39. I think my knee is taking my life down to new low
  40. Inconclusive Diagnosis on Second Meniscus Injury-Been 1 1/2 Years and I'm Scared
  41. Life after patella fracture/ arthofibrosis
  42. Depressed and frustrated.
  43. The year from hell
  44. Feeling Hopeless
  45. is there light at the end of the knee tunnel?
  46. constant pain and potential for TKR at 32
  47. feeling down - 8 months post ACL reconstruction
  48. post ACL surgery LIMP
  49. Lateral Release
  50. Self-conscious about my knees