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The patello-femoral joint / Re: Sleep Problems from Chronic Knee Pain
« Last post by Vickster on Today at 10:59:02 AM »
Are you in the US? Perhaps try contacting Scott Dye who’s recognised as a PFS specialist. His protocol seems to focus on doing virtually nothing, having a steroid shot and using a COX 2 NSAID. Might be worth a consult. If an MRI is no good due to metalwork, would a CT or bone scan offer a clearer picture?
Hi everyone,

I fractured my patella nine days ago slipping on a wet floor - I didn't actually fall, I recovered and landed on my right foot with so much impact that my knee just split in two. Pretty unbelievable really but the doctor reckoned that I may have had an existing hairline fracture from a recent knock on my bike. After my mum broke her leg in five places tripping over a flip flop and my Dad smashed up his finger pressing his piano teacher's doorbell a little too forcefully I now understand that this sort of thing can happen at any time, to anyone, and there's nothing you can do to protect yourself!!

Anyway, it was horrendous and resulted in an operation four days ago. Only now am I really getting to grips with the reality and severity of the situation.

I am a 31-year-old woman, usually very fit and active. I walk everywhere, usually around 10-16km a day (this is how I get to work and around the city), swim two or three times a week, and go to the gym at 5.30 every weekday for classes. I manage a big department of teachers, so although there is a lot of desk-based work, I am constantly out and about at meetings and traveling to London from Bristol on a regular basis. I'm also a musician, which involves a lot of standing up/moving around, lugging about gear and generally having a fun time...! I'm also youngish (!), single, it's December - this isn't exactly part of my plan.

Aside from having to press pause on pretty much all of the things that make me happy, I am hugely struggling with the loss of independence. I live in a shared house with a room on the ground floor, where there is also a bathroom, but my housemates are very busy and cannot be expected to look after me. Since the accident I have been staying with my best friend (ex-nurse and complete angel) and her young family. I am so grateful to them and fortunate to have such incredible support. However, I am keen to get home as soon as possible, to take the pressure off them and just to have a little freedom so I can make the most of this forced rest by hopefully doing some creative work/music/crafty things.

I won't need to navigate the stairs and there are enough folks about to help get me groceries etc. The main issue is getting in and out of bed! I can't lift my leg onto/off the bed/sofa and I was wondering how you do this by yourself?? My brace is currently at 0 degrees of movement and I am shuffling about very slowly on crutches by using my hip to lift my leg off the ground. I bought a leg lifter and have very tentatively tried this out on the bed - it's very painful and feels like maybe I shouldn't be doing it just yet? Or am I being overly cautious? I love the NHS of course, but the aftercare/guidance was basically nothing, got turfed out with a bag of drugs and a vague notion that I need to go back in two weeks to have the angle of my brace adjusted. As each day goes by I am getting more frustrated and miserable, but trying so so hard to approach this in the most positive way I can.

The one silver lining I have found so far is that I haven't had a cigarette (nor wanted to) since it happened. Smoking slows down bone reparation massively and even going to the loo is hard so not exactly nipping out for a fag every hour. I may turn into a beached whale over the next couple of months but at least my skin should improve!

Sorry about the essay! Any advice on independent living and staying fit(ish) whilst going through this recovery process would be most welcome.

Thanks  :)
I've tried icing before bed but nothing changed. I slept with a heated pad on it, still nothing. I take a Xanax to knock me out at night because I'm also having anxiety about my future. That makes me go to sleep, but it's doesn't keep me sleeping long. I read a study on NCBI that's stated if you have moderate-severe pain at rest, theres a chance your Patella Bone Mineral Density is low. I know TKR is a last resort, but this pain is crippling. I can't go on much more like this. My quality of life is severely compromised.
The patello-femoral joint / Re: Sleep Problems from Chronic Knee Pain
« Last post by Vickster on Today at 09:47:18 AM »
Yes, I quite often need medication at night (multiple joint issues, not just the knee)

Have you tried using an ice pack before bed or applying a topical anti inflammatory? What medications are you using, perhaps discuss dosing or other options with your doctor? You could also look into using an ice machine at night. Or putting a pillow between your knees

A knee replacement should be a very last resort after all options have been exhausted. Have you consulted a patella expert (not necessarily a surgeon, might be a physio or sports medicine doctor)? There aren’t too many though. What country are you in?
The patello-femoral joint / Sleep Problems from Chronic Knee Pain
« Last post by Mooseloroose on Today at 09:15:04 AM »
Does anyone else on here suffer from lack of sleep because of chronic knee pain waking you up? Every night when I go to sleep, 3 hours later I am woken up by either burning knee pain or this dull throbbing ache. This is ruining my life, I can't escape it. I feel like this is a big indication for a knee replacement. My pain doesn't subside. It's 24/7. I'm only 37. I'm definitely scared for my future.
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by John42 on Today at 07:55:10 AM »
Anyone out there who has had a good MPFL reconstruction experience have a good PT pdf/word doc they could send me??  I'm getting MPFL and LPFL done in Jan and other knee done at later date.  My understanding of the first couple weeks is to get rid of swelling, steadily increase ROM, and to protect the grafts while they are healing (the OS said he wasn't concerned about the grafts tearing post-op which surprised me)

I will obviously be asking my OS for more details and I've found some PDF's online but am curious to see what anyone else has done regarding their physiotherapy for MPFL reconstruction. (as PT is just as important as the surgery). Please send a PM or post a response to this message if you having anything good for me.  Many thanks in advance!!!
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by 60schld on December 09, 2018, 09:16:40 PM »
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by John42 on December 09, 2018, 09:07:33 PM »
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by 60schld on December 09, 2018, 07:08:03 PM »
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