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Hi again
It is hard to advise you when you are so uncertain of the exact facts. If your son had a full tendon rupture of the patellar tendon below the kneecap or the quads tendon above the kneecap, or a fracture through the kneecap, then I am sure he would not be able to play sport. I was wondering if there might be some confusion with a bipartite patella - where in some children an X-ray reveals what looks like a fracture or an avulsion, but in reality it is just a failure of the parts of the patella to properly join together as they normally do in children - see
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
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Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
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3Ĺ weeks post-op.

The pain I was experiencing when walking has mostly subsided and I'm down to one crutch! I still use the other when out in public, but for the most part I can get around fine with just one. It's so nice to be able to carry and move things around again, which has really increased my independence.

I don't feel much pain when I attempt to put full weight on the leg, but the issue is it feels extremely unstable due to a lack of strength. I'm on the bike (with increasing resistance) for probably 1 - 2 hours a day and doing my strength exercises twice a day now, so hopefully this will improve soon. I'm also back to going on daily walks and have made it around the block again two days ago. One crutch half way, but used both after it started to get sore.

I did a lot yesterday and was quite sore at the end of the day. Went out to dinner and wore "normal" clothes for the first time in a long time, but made the mistake of wearing one shoe and a sandal on the bad leg. The different sole sizes resulted in a leg length difference, which caused my IT band on my right "good" leg to flare up quite suddenly and severely after a moderate amount of walking. It was hell trying to get back to the car with 2 bum legs. But I made it with some help and that pain has mostly subsided today. Only reinforces the need to have the other leg done at some point...

Sleeping is still difficult, even with sleeping pills. Not sure if I'm building a tolerance or what but I have a hard time falling asleep most nights and I still wake up at least 2 or 3 times almost every night. The oxy helps to knock me out but makes me feel really groggy the next day so I'm trying not to use those. Part of it is difficulty getting comfortable. The pain/numbness that results from pressure behind my leg is still there and I have to get it "just right" for it not to be an issue. I would normally move around or change positions to get comfortable, but I'm basically stuck to one position now.

Overall things have gotten better since my last update. Walking with less pain and doing more, but just always tired.
I am happy to look up some literature for you. Was it a 'sleeve' fracture?

Thank you. This was never mentioned. It did not swell at all the day it happened.
He practiced for two days on it when we noticed he could not run without pain and discomfort. Took him and they told us looked like a fracture.

Heís been on it up and down and we are perplexed for sure.
How old are you?
How long has the pain been going on for?

In the first instance, have a look at the patella primer in the learning portfolio area of the forum. Read up on patellofemoral syndrome and arthritis. The most common cases for non traumatic pain around the kneecap

Good luck :)
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Knee pain/popping help
« Last post by Msmnmjg on November 16, 2019, 06:39:11 PM »
Hi all. I donít have insurance right now to get it checked out. Waiting for the payment to clear to extend Cobra.

My knee hurts a bit when I bend the knee sometimes. Itíll also pop frequently. The pain kind runs more behind my knee cap and sometimes shoots along my calf. I can walk pretty well and put weight on it. Thereís no swelling, and when I touch around thereís no sharp pain in any spot. However itís been feeling this way for a week now. Every morning I wake up, it gets super stiff and the pain level stays the same. Was hoping itíll feel a bit better each day. Today itís still there but lots of tightness around the glute and groin to side of knee hurting.  Itís not until I let my knee pop a few time from stretches that it starts to feel loser and less pain.

Anyone experience this before or may know what it is?
16/11/19 One Year_ Ten Months Post-Op

Not long to wait two years Post-Op at the start of a new decade in January 2020. Right knee has improved with more stability in my knee with just the odd pain and discomfort when it is wet and cold or have been doing some gardening. Can kneel but reluctant to push it as I can feel the scar tissue with the knee feeling heavy, best not to aggravate it too much. The left knee makes more clicking sounds when I place my hand over the kneecap in comparison to my right knee. Was told by Professor Snow that my left knee has more maltracking than my right. Aches at times when using the clutch in heavy traffic feeling rubbery. Not concerned about it at the moment, will see how it behaves before my next consultation in July 2020. An observation CT scan maybe? To check the alignment while still under the care of orthopaedic team on the NHS. Hard to get a referral from a GP, better and wise staying on the hospital system. Right hip still the same with the odd sharp pain with some clunking sounds when lifting up right leg. Normal to feel more knee and hip pain during the autumn and winter months that is more niggling.

My new job is going better than I was expecting with a fantastic shift leader and staff saying how well I am doing so far. We look after five residents, getting on well with all of them. One does not like new faces and males and have engaged really well with him. Can do his personal care and have taken him out in public places leading and prompting him positively. Was a bit gross at 1st witnessing personal care that you overcome quickly as it only a small part of your job that does not last too long. Have had no issues with aggression towards me so far even the residents that pose challenging behavior are calm and content when I am present. Will extent my working days from twice a week to three times a week when I return home from South Africa.

Will be going to South Africa for 3.5 weeks in December for my sister's 50th Birthday and nieces, her daughters wedding on December 16th. Most of my siblings, nephews and nieces are going to Cape Town. Will fly direct with BA with my mum on the evening of my Birthday staying at my sister's house until a few days before Christmas Day where we will have a beach party BBQ on Hermanus Bay. Been very wet with roads flooded on the way to my work on Thursday that felt like a monsoon thinking my car would be swept away. Nice to get some winter sun on the southern hemisphere to shorten the cold dark nights. 

[email protected]
The patello-femoral joint / Failed TTO! Help!
« Last post by Cremers on November 16, 2019, 04:27:31 PM »
Hello! Iím becoming very frustrated with my knee! (Arnít we all!) Iím 31 years old. 14 years ago I had. LR. That was a big fail! 1 year later I opted for a TTO. So that was roughly 13 years ago and had the screws removed the following year. Well that past couple years Iíve been having the SAME problems prior to the TTO. I went to a new OS (as I had moved) and after examining me and X-rays he said I still have some pretty bad tracking issues. My knee cap is very loose. I can literally feel it move. The pain sucks. Its locks up. I also have a a severe hyperextension to the knee. Itís always swollen and sometimes warm to the touch. The dr thinks I could possibly have a torn meniscus as well. I had my MRI last week and still waiting the results. But what options are even left for the tracking issues? I have a super busy year next year with traveling for work and with my family. I want this fixed. Now! Anyone else have a failed TTO?? Please help!!
Post-op diaries (<50 posts) / Re: Osteochondral Allograft
« Last post by A_sure_sky on November 16, 2019, 03:55:32 PM »
It has been just over a week now since the surgery.  Pain is really low. I expected much worse, honestly. I can do straight leg extensions with no pain.  I am doubling up my assigned exercises to give my knee and leg more to do.  Stitches should come out next week. My knee still is quite swollen and looks like hell--especially in the back. I can't wait until I can be weight-bearing on my left leg.
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