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Yes - not sure I would live with 2x20km on the flat per week being uncomfortable if there's a high probability solution. Good luck. Let me know when the op is and how you recover.

I've been slowed up a bit over the last month by a cracked rib. Built two mtb features in one of our paddocks: a drop with adjustable height and a 'cannon log' jump. The drop was fine - started low and gradually raised it to about 1.2m. The cannon log not so much. I observed my son and his friends on it, jumping 4-5m (horizontal) which sounds small but is actually pretty confronting when you see it. I was too scared so build a wooden landing ramp, started with it near to the jump and then moved it further away as I got more confidence. After a few jumps I ended up clearing the ramp quite easily and got a bit over-confident. Gave it a lot more speed, got a little offline on the entry and lost the pedals in the air. No way back from that. Landed heavily, smashed glasses, bruised a should and cracked a rib, jumped 3 more times to make sure I wasn't too scared and then retreated to the house. It hurt badly to move and especially sneeze until about now. I should know better at age 57. Good news on skiing though - I just took my kids for 3 days skiing (taking care not to fall and further damage my rib) and the knee was absolutely fine. A few black runs, skied fast so it got a decent workout. Yay.

Best wishes to you Dave33 and anyone else still reading although the information content in this thread is now quite low - sorry......
I can find millions of anatomical drawings online for a straight/standing knee. But can anyone direct me to an anatomical diagram of the knee while in deep flexion, i.e. squatting?  I particularly want to see how the PES anserine muscles move during deep knee flexion.

GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Re: Microfracture surgery
« Last post by bbanne2006 on September 14, 2019, 10:15:14 PM »
I am 31 years old. The physical therapy dept I use does have a pool. I will have to ask about that on my next session on Monday. This weekend has consisted of icing and elevating my knee. I haven't gone anywhere. I've been doing the exercises as best as I can. I am a paramedic and I am used to being the caregiver instead of receiving it.
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by 60schld on September 14, 2019, 08:12:15 PM »
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by John42 on September 14, 2019, 05:14:21 PM »
talk    :D
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by 60schld on September 14, 2019, 04:53:07 PM »
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Re: PFJR post op activity
« Last post by Dave33 on September 14, 2019, 03:37:19 PM »
Sounds like a good plan. If you can do enough activity to remain fit and happy then it doesn't seem worth the risk of it going wrong in either the short or long term. If you can't though.....

Hehe, I had a couple short (<20K) gorgeous summer evening rides on the smooth roads in the fields near my home, and unfortunately after the third one, the other knee started the old familiar distal catch and ache. I'll give the surgeon the go-ahead in my next appt. Once more into the breech!

You're getting into your summer season, I trust your mileage going up and your knee strong as ever?

Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by John42 on September 14, 2019, 09:51:29 AM »
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / 2 weeks post op
« Last post by catbenditt on September 14, 2019, 08:08:46 AM »
So Iím currently 2 weeks post op from mpfl reconstruction with lateral release on my right knee (with femoral nerve block) after about 8 years (currently 23 years old) of doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with my knee and that I was over weight and PT was the only answer :(.. but finally found an OS who finally took me serious and did an MRI and found my TTTG was 20! Definitely not good.
anyway back to my concern/questions, my OS has me nonweight bearing with crutches and a brace locked straight per protocol and Iíve gotten increasingly concerned with my foot swelling and turning purple when I stand, despite all the icing and nonstop elevating Iím doing. I also have noticed increased coldness numbness/burning in my thigh as the time has progressed and wondered if that was normal and if other people have experienced it. I have talked to my OS and he didnít show as much concern for it as I did and I just wanted to know if Iím the only one out there that has experienced this after surgery.
Also my next question was what is the average time that you had to spend on prescription medication for pain. I usually have a high pain tolerance but have found this surgery more painful than expected and Iíve found myself needing them longer than expected. I live in a very small town where these types of surgeries are very uncommon so finding someone to ask these questions to is hard and any help and answers would be greatly appreciated!

Mpfl reconstruction with lateral release right knee: 8/30/19
Any knee injury takes time to recover from, 8 weeks isn't long. Work at the rehab (try swimming, cycling for fitness, not just weight bearing), don't over do it, maybe a knee support playing football etc would help. Go back to the physio and discuss

Good luck
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