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I agree with Vickster.

Icing & rest should be the first approach for a few weeks.  I imagine rest could be tricky though as a PE teacher!  Just do your best to avoid extreme things (including squatting, kneeling, stairs).  Gentle walking never bothered mine.

Don't over-ice (i.e. don't freeze you knee).  I ice mine for 15 mins most nights.

If no better, then perhaps an MRI, though it will probably show patella chondromalacia (which lots of people have, but not all get pain).  It might show another problem (e.g. torn meniscus) though your symptoms don't sound like that.

Then maybe anti-inflamatories might be the next option.
The patello-femoral joint / Re: Arthritis and Patellofemoral syndrome
« Last post by Tay on Today at 12:26:15 AM »
Thanks for your response Brandon, I appreciate it! I have tricompartmental joint space narrowing, but evidently it's not so bad on my patella, which most of my pain comes from. Thanks for linking me to Suspectdevice, it really helped me better understand my condition.

Oh and I figured someone else browsing the web might find some things I've tried useful. I know it's all anecdotal evidence, which isn't worth much, but anyways...  I wasted over a grand on peptides from Tailor made compounding. TB-500 and BCP-157 did nothing but mildly reduce inflammation. I've tried MSM, glucosamine, strontium ranelate, tumeric extract, garlic, Pentosan polysulfate sodium, Celebrex and diclofenac cream. The only medication which seemed to do anything at all was the pentosan, Celebrex and diclofenac cream. It seems like the more I read the more I realized how screwed am I.  :( There are no good disease-modifying drugs, and it doesn't look like everything coming down the pipeline is going to get past phase 3. 

Thanks so much
Start icing the knee every evening, 15 minutes, ice pack in teatowel. An expert physio also recommended massage with an ice cube, rub it over the knee having oiled the skin with some bio oil or similar to stop it sticking and potentially burning the skin.
If you start on anti inflammatories, discuss with GP and get a PPI like omeprazole prescribed to protect your stomach.

Maybe use a compression sleeve too while on your feet, running around etc
Iím 35. The knee is much better with rest. There is slight heat that comes from my knee cap but at rest thereís no pain, just when I move a lot on it. Iím a pe teacher too so Iím on it constantly which may not be helping. I donít take anything for the pain but am wondering if anti inflammatory may help. Thanks for taking the time to reply
I'd get an MRI if it's still painful (is it? Also at rest?), arthritis and bakers cysts can also pre exist with a meniscus tear for example. It may not show anything but it may do
How old are you?
Are you taking any medication, using ice to reduce swelling?
So I was diagnosed with mild degenerative changes to right knee, sonotive fluid on knee and a bakers cyst at the back. They offered to remove the fluid and have the procedure done another day privately but I went back to my dr who said I didnt necessarily need it done unless it carried on hurting and the cyst would subside once the rest was treated. If you were me what would you do?
It'll give a much more detailed picture of the bones and soft tissues than ultrasound (although if you're paying privately an MRI can be £500 give or take, assuming you're in the UK)

What diagnosis and treatment plan did the specialist give?

Whereabouts are you based?
So I went privately and saw a specialist who did an ultrasound confirming stuff. Would an MRI show up something else?
Post-op diaries (<50 posts) / Re: OATS Surgery 04.12.19
« Last post by Samiul27 on January 21, 2020, 07:03:17 PM »
Hi Samiul27,

I had the OATS procedure around the same date as you - I had a 10mm lesion on the medial femoral condyle of my right knee. I had a micro fracture arthroscopy a year before that which did not work - the knee was causing pain when going up stairs or walking anything over 30 mins.

So far so good after the OATS op - Iíve been doing rehab exercises literally 4 times a day, everyday. I came off crutches after 6 weeks and now am trying to get the strength and flexibility back in the knee/quad. Swelling still an issue but I use a cryo-cuff like you.

No pain to speak of which Iím pleased about. However I donít expect to return to sports for 6-9 months. Hope all goes well with your recovery.

Who was your surgeon?

I was off the crutches alot quicker, but was weight bearing. I chose Professor Vladmir due to his experience of the OATS procedure and with him being one of the nicest guys ive met.

Im back at work now walking almost normally, what really helps is the anti gravity treadmill, loosens up the joint and speeds up the walking process.
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