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Meniscus / Anyone with success in Meniscus Implants?
« Last post by Arecan on Today at 09:53:11 AM »
Hi everyone,

Back in 2017, I had ACL reconstruction with medial meniscus repair (bucket handle tear with locked knee: surgery was mandatory) at HSS.  Everything was going great up until 8 months post-op.  I was feeling great and decided to jog on concrete for 10 miles and started to feel pain from that day.  Definitely regretted that run but it just accelerated inevitable.  Went back to another surgeon at HSS who had Novostitch as a resource and got scheduled for surgery back in May 2020.  During the surgery, doc estimated 70% removal of medial meniscus.  I rehabbed aggressively and conservatively but I have not had any progress to where I can start running on turf.  I want to play soccer again but I am afraid that it would be better to give it up to prolong the onset of OA.  If you have any tips or suggestions, I would appreciate if you can share them.  Recently, I started to look into implants CMI, Actifit, NuSurface, and MAT but none of them do well with return to sports.  Anyone who had any implants and were able to return to sports?
General rehab issues and pain problems / Re: HELP! need sleep suggestions post TTT
« Last post by kris79 on September 19, 2020, 09:44:12 AM »
Hi David Roy 50

I always recommend sleeping with a cushion/pillow between your knees - this take the strain/pain away from the injured knee.   Try it and the best of luck with your recovery.

How did you sustain your knee injury?   Where do you live?

Best/ JohnK/ Manchester UK

Why not get a good recliner which goes soft on your knees and doesn't put much pressure either. A power where you don't have to make use of your knees to make adjustments to the position. These ones can move with the touch of a button and are easy on the muscles and joints as well. I read some of these powered recliners over here,,  and they look pretty well. The one from the ANJ Home helps you almost stand on your feet without putting any pressures on your knees.
Your MRI points out some very non-specific changes. Here is a picture of the menisco-capsular junction, so that you see what they are talking about -

Your MRI refers to the menisco-capsular junction in relation to the posterior horn, which just means that there is some thickening in the junction of meniscus and capsule in the region of the back of the knee. Thickening is not likely to be something new.

The meniscus itself on the affected side of the knee and the main ligaments of the knee don't seem damaged.

Under the kneecap and on the top of the tibia bone the white joint cartilage seems to be a bit 'fibrillated', but that is not uncommon and generally means that it is showing general wear and tear.

Hi, thanks for the reply. You seem quite clued up on this stuff?

Regarding the thickening of the mensiscus/junction, when you say it's not likely to be something new, what makes you say this? Is it possible that it's injured and can thickening be reversed? It is a bad thing? Any idea what damage in the joint may have caused my pain?

I still don't really understand what the injury was/is see. Only that for a month I had a feeling of instability in my knee and clear pain when squatting etc. I still do have some pain, but after doing some physio now that my MRI doesn't show major damage, it is getting better.  My physio is extremely 'exercise positive' and enouraging of me building strength and even doing long term heavy weight training again.

Regarding wear and tear..would everyone my age have this sort of degree of wear and tear that my MRI shows? Or is it something you think I now need to worry about? My concern was where it talked about the weight bearing surface though it does say minor. Again, my physio is very encouraging of weight training and exercise even when I ask him about risks of future arthritic change and problems. I am an athlete of sorts tbh so I do want to be able to lift heavy weights and be competitive with that but at the same time of course I don't want to be having real knee problems in 10-20 years time.  Not being able to walk properly this past 5 weeks or so has been scary whatever went wrong. He suggested that generally the people who have problems are those who had serious injuries like major ligament tears and instability (if they don't do good physio after), and those who maybe take steroids and try to lift too heavy too quickly before their knee joints have caught up with increased muscle strength.  My left (non injured) knee does click and grind if i squat below parallel but again he said this shouldn't be much to worry about. My injured knee doesn't make too much noise at all from squatting.

Would appreciate your opinion anyway. Thanks
Hey Tina Chris, what question about knee fusion do you have?

I hope everything went well and your husband is happy with his fused knee now!

I just had knee fusion in November. My right knee is fused and I am just starting to put weight on it after the 7th surgery in a year. I am planning on having car modification if it is possible to hand controls, has anyone ever done that?

I have a million questions about the best way to do things with the straight leg. I am 67 years old and 4' 10" and am using a walker to gain stability.

It would be nice to hear from others with this situation.

Thank you

Hi there!
Nice to hear about your knee fusion!
My knee has been fused surgically more than 10 years ago.
You dont need hand controls! If your left knee is fused, you just need a car with automatic transmission. If your right knee is fused, you need a car with automatic transmission and the gas needs to be changed to the left side, so you can drive with your left foot. This is what I do.
Your question is about 2 years old, how are you doing now with your straight leg? Everything fine?
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Re: Right knee pain
« Last post by Vickster on September 17, 2020, 07:13:41 PM »
If you have access to private healthcare/funds, it might be worth seeing if PRP might be an option as itís used for tendon issues if physio and proper rest donít resolve the issue. Also try to get into a pool to do some hydrotherapy, ask the physio about appropriate water based exercises.
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Re: Right knee pain
« Last post by patient787 on September 17, 2020, 06:16:45 PM »
update: been diagnosed with quadricep tendinopathy

seems like a long road for this to heal, and been given physio to do. conflicting information online if it will heal with rest or not.
I will do Brandon. The second opinion I saw now thinks that a 'quiescent' radial medial mensicus tear might have become 'active'.

I know that I've had this tear since at least 2016. I had a MRI then, and I was able to be active with it - it was clearly largely asymptomatic. However, the specialist says that I now have two choices - rest, but that probably won't help - or surgery.

Needless to say, I'm NOT leaping into surgery. I can still walk fine, even if occasionally I catch a step wrong and get sharp pain. Running isn't really possible any more - I don't have the confidence, and I get stabbing pain on  some corners. Night pain is probably the biggest issue....I've had very disrupted sleep over the past few months.

I'm reluctant to get into another cycle of Dr's visits, but it may be that I need a third opinion if this doesn't settle.

I hope you're doing well.....

Meniscus / Re: I took the plunge, Lateral Meniscus Transplant + OATs
« Last post by Andrewforman20 on September 14, 2020, 01:46:52 AM »
2.75Y update:

I think I can say with confidence now that this surgery combination certainly requires a long rehab period.  Thankfully I can report that I am back to competitive sport, perhaps able to represent Great Britain again in 2021.  My knee feels very good most of the time.  I will likely always be sensible with my choice of activities, and imagine I will have to keep seeing my spectacular Osteopath forever, but being able to play sport and be uninhibited for family and work life is a true blessing.

I still donít run or jump, I am entirely specialised to my sport (dropping from my feet to my knees, and maintaining a squat position), but imagine if my focus had been different, I may have been able to do those other things.  It seems likely to me that anyone going through this has a particular activity in mind they miss or want to be able to continue to participate in, to be focused on that and not being greedy for everything has worked so far for me.

Right now I have zero swelling.  My scar mobilisation is very good, however I continue to work on it, my Osteo believes the mixed nerve signals in that area are responsible for muscle imbalances and compensations I frequently develop, so we keep working on them.  Legs look identical.  Pain can manifest and ALWAYS in my lateral compartment making me think I have gone too far or finally compromised the repair, however via Osteo we have always established a potential cause of the pain, given me exercises (strengthening, movement pattern, specific massage, specific stretching instructions) and within 2 weeks the pain and or swelling is gone.  It is truly remarkable.  My Osteo is not generally a fan of surgery, I wish she had been in my life on my coaching staff a decade ago.  Others who have pain or believe procedures have been failures, and Osteo like her can change your life.

I continue to take a mountain of supplements every day, gym every day (45 mins of which are my Osteo exercises) and eat as well as I can, Iím even investing in expensive new equipment this week, that is how confident I am in my recovery and likelihood I will be able to continue playing in the future.

The brace I use for sport is the CTI OA CUSTOM and I am confident it makes sport safer for me, hopefully reducing the peak forces through my knee.  I paid £700 for it from a very good fitter in the UK who did a 3D scan of my leg to get the right shape.

I am tempted to have a 3yr MRI with Tim Spalding, but if things carry on as they are at the moment, I see no need.  My Osteo has said regardless of what a scan shows, she plans to keep me mobile and operating properly without pain, so why have a scan.
Hi, I recently had a lateral meniscus transplant in my right knee three months ago.  I continue to my knee aching and the same kind of dull pain I had before surgery.  It seems to get worse when I walk a lot or I am in my feet a lot. Did you experience this same sort of pain? And if you did when did it seem to go away for you?
Yes, a loose body within the joint could potentially further damage the joint surfaces. A tidy up and wash out might be advisable
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