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3 – 4 Months

So after having such a positive start to my recovery things have gone downhill a bit, I kept up my physio exercises and the walking, also the massaging, desensitizing and eating lots of fruit for the vitamin c. I have managed to walk around the house without any crutches, although using the furniture to hold on to in moments of instability. I have managed a walk in some woodlands, which was very pleasant for a change. I have managed to go swimming and swam 20 length free-style although my knee felt good whilst swimming it stiffed up a little afterwards. I have seen my physio and now officially now on one crutch when outdoors and none indoors unless I am having trouble walking. I feel like I have turned a corner. I have reduced the number of painkillers I have been taking. I am still waking up in the night once or twice but sleeping better over all.

4 – 5 Months

I have started going to aqua classes again not completing the whole class and doing only some of the exercises, twice a week and a little swim not using my legs all the time in between classes. I am using my exercise bike for about 10-12 minutes each morning as my physio had instructed. At about 4 ½ months my knee has had a flare up. I saw my physio who had a good look and feel of my leg, so now I have to ice and elevate it to try to reduce the swelling. I have started to taking more pain relief and Ibuprofen in order to help reduce the swelling. I am having trouble keeping the swelling down as whenever I stand or walk it starts to swell and by the evening it can be unbearable and very hard to walk without the use of one or even two crutches. Have had another visit to my physio, who checked with her colleagues as to the best way forward, and I will now be referred for hydrotherapy to take the weight off my leg when exercising.
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I may try to get another opinion locally. I can’t afford a $175 consult.
There might be some background and expert opinion in the learning portfolio

Here are some meniscus transplant hits from the search function
Hi guys. I'm back.

I just would like to know if you guys know about Collagen Meniscus Implant, I have like 20% left of my medial meniscus and a well known surgeron here in France proposes me a collagen meniscus implant.

Do you guys know about it?

Thanks Vickster. I've seen the GP already and she just referred me to MATS (Musculoskeletal assessment and Treatment Service) which is "apparently" the only route in Bristol for GPs to refer. I'm not sure i believe this but not much i can do. MATs have reviewed my case notes without seeing me and have written to me saying they are referring me straight to a consultant under the EReferrals service. However they have only chosen the Bristol Royal Infirmary which is where I was seen before and is not a great hospital. When i log on to EReferrals to book an appointment online it states that there are no appointments available for me to book! Having done some research i understand that under the NHS I have a right to choose in which hospital I am seen. So I had planned to call MATs today to request a referral to either the Circle in Bath or the Spire / Nuffield in Bristol (depending on which consultant I want to choose) which are valid choices under the EReferals service. (the old choose and book) .
Maybe you could try hydrotherapy in addition to non loading land physio exercises. A much kinder environment for strengthening. Lunges and squats are very hard on the kneecap and best avoided if there's any weakness (non knee specialist physios always seem to recommend as the thing for knees without considering the load and the possibility of poor form making things worse).

When are you seeing the GP to discuss referral?
Thank you both so much for your responses. Brandon, I totally agree with you and those are good questions. It all seems odd and i don't want to have the osteotomy to lower the kneecap if it's not what is causing the issue. The pain I have is towards the bottom of my kneecap not at the top and so this doesn't make sense. Surely if the pain was due to too high a kneecap, the pain would be at the top?

Vickster, yes I've seen a really good physio and he says I have muscle wastage in my leg that has had the PF replacement. However this has been caused by the fact I am unable to exercise as much as I would like due to the pain, rather than the lack of exercise causing the issues / pain. I was doing lots of exercise and walking and then it became painful. The physio says that he thinks my kneecap is not too high which casts further doubt over Dr Eldridges suggestion and supports my view. He gave me exercises to do but I struggle to do these because it is just too painful to do squats and lunges. This physio is not a knee expert however although he is very good.

Sadly I cannot afford to go private for surgery but would be willing to travel and would be perhaps able to just get an opinion from an alternative expert. I don't really want to go back to see Dr Eldridge as although he is one of the PF experts in the UK have lost confidence in him and he really wasn't willing to give me the time to discuss the issues. His explanation was literally that I had been unlucky. This isn't a good enough explanation for me. Hence looking elsewhere for another opinion. I had MRI scans on both knees in January which states that there was "significant artifact" due to the PF replacement and so the images were not clear enough to assess which is pretty rubbish really. I would hope that when I see another consultant that they will redo the MRI's / xrays. I asked about Neil Bradbury in Bath as he has done 40 PF replacements in the last 3 years and Andrew Porteous has done a fair few and is rated for doing revisions hence looking at these. Last time I specially asked to see Dr Eldridge and my request was honoured, although perhaps I was just lucky or maybe this was because he is the PF expert in Bristol!

Thanks again for your advice, I'm so frustrated and just want to get it sorted so I can start living a normal life again.
Same here, cannot kneel since 2009... :-\
The following year, I went for the annual check up and saw the consultant . He immediately told me that my kneecap was too high and needed to be lowered. When i questioned this and asked why it had been fine for a year and why the registrar the previous year had told me all was fine, i was told I had "just been unlucky".

I think this is the really strange part, and where you need to get some real answers. Have you developed patella alta (high riding knee cap) after the PFJR? Sounds odd but maybe not impossible, I don't know really. Or did you have exactly the same patella height when going in for the surgery? Which sounds more likely to me, but as stated, I don't know if you can develop patella alta after a PFJR, so this is something you must discuss with a PF expert. I guess you have X-ray/MRIs from before the surgery, which then can be compared for patella height with your latest images. Key here is of course to sort out if your patella height has anything at all to do with these recent problems you're experiencing. You don't want to have an osteotomy if you really don't need to.
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