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Title: post here too...:D
Post by: Mandy on September 01, 2004, 05:16:16 AM
Hi guys--
i posted this post also in the knee imaging section but it doenst really seem that many ppl check stuff out there so i thought i would have better luck finding an answer here!  thanks!

Hey all!~
and how are we all feeling today?!  haha.  im doing as good as i can expect.  anti inflamms still not working,  hope they kick in soon.  anyways on to my question...  after reading all of the stuff on this board i've always wondered somthing about the MRI.  I just had one yesterday, my first one.  What i was wondering is about the mri reports ppl here talk about.  Do you just automatically get those reports or do u have to request them from the OS  Just kinda curious,  want to see what my report has to say about these lovely joints of mine! jk....... any answer would be great!   thanks to those who reply!  
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Title: Re: post here too...:D
Post by: LesleyR on September 01, 2004, 07:04:47 AM
hey, im feeling quite well today, pain meds kicked in, so all is well. the MRI thing kinda varies with each OS.  i had to schedule an appointment with my OS to get my results (partial mcl tear, hockey related) so i hope this helps

p.s i think its awesome to find another girl'shockey player
Title: Re: post here too...:D
Post by: Mandy on September 01, 2004, 07:22:32 AM
Hey all~
lesley, thanks for the reply.  i sent ya an IM so be sure to check it! haha.  kinda weird that we are kinda alike ya know,  been playing hockey, mcl tears, and my sister in law's name is lesley (exact same spelling)  spooky man! lol    
anyways thanks again for the reply, if anyone else out there has any more input pls let me know!!!
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Title: Re: post here too...:D
Post by: Sharon on September 01, 2004, 07:32:52 AM
Hi Mandy,

Well, I've only had one MRI before the one that I'm scheduled to have tomorrow. For the first one I had to wait about a week and had an appt to see my OS for the results. After that I was able to get copies of the reports and MRI films from his office. For my MRI that I'm having tomorrow, I know that my OS is going to call me once he gets the report from the radiololgist to tell me the results. I don't know if he always does this or if it's something he does for patients like me who would otherwise have to travel a pretty long way to get to his office for the results. My OS's office is about 2 hours from where I live-it's in NY City out of the hospital for special surgery and I live out on Long Island so it's a bit of a pain to get there. It's bad enough that I have to go tomorrow for the MRI right in the middle of the republican convention. Luckily the hospital is totally out of the way from where the convention is so hopefully it won't be too bad traffic-wise. Anyway, hope this helps and I hope those anti-imflamms kick in soon.

Title: Re: post here too...:D
Post by: Mandy on September 01, 2004, 07:58:08 AM
Hey all~
thanks sharon for the reply...i'm thinking that i will prolly have to make an appt to get the results,  smaller town= very little travel haha.  i suppose i prolly would go there to get results cuz most likely to discuss plica removal....  anyways, thanks again, i only wish ya the best tomorrow with the MRI, take a nice nap thats what i did haha.  those open MRIs are perty nifty things!  anyways, let me know how everything goes with ya, feel free to IM, im always here! haha.  
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Title: Re: post here too...:D
Post by: Heather M. on September 01, 2004, 09:28:16 AM
Just for information purposes, I will tell about the changes that many insurance companies have instituted here in Arizona--specifically, Blue Cross.

I had an MRI, and was given a sheet of paper with a phone number on it.  I was instructed to call the number in 2 days and use my social security number to access a voicemail box.  In it, my surgeon had left a message specifically for me, saying "Hi, Heather this is Dr. Z.  I got the MRI report and there doesn't seem to be a lot of damage.  However, it's very hard to tell because you've had so many surgeries, and I can see scar tissue in the suprapatellar pouch and a big chunk of it over 4cm long at the middle of the lateral release site.  Etc."  

The message was about 5 minutes long, and at the end he said if I had any questions at all I could call and make an appointment to go over it with him in person.

Can you believe that?  The insurance companies were griping about having to pay office visits for the MRI follow up appointments.  Now, my surgeon felt it wasn't necessary for me to have surgery, so maybe that's why the voicemail message I got was so extensive.  I would HOPE that if I'd had a complete ACL rupture or something, the voicemail would have said this and instructed me to come in immediately for an appointment to discuss surgical options.

Anyway, I just thought it was a very impersonal method for conveying the information.  I told my surgeon's PA as much, and she said Dr. Z HATED the new system.  But the insurance companies are balking at paying for 'non-essential' office visits, so they had to implement this system so the surgeon wasn't losing money b/c the insurance companies refused to reimburse.

Is that out of control or what?

In previous MRI instances, I have always asked that a fax of both the radiologist's preliminary report and final report be sent to me or faxed.  Some places refused to do that and said I had to show up in person and show ID to get a copy of the report.  By law, they must give it to you--but they don't have to make it easy....Keep in mind that the radiologist usually does a very brief preliminary report within 24 hours of the MRI.  Then they do a more detailed read where they sit down with the sheet you filled out, look for mechanical reasons for the symptoms you described, and look at the surgeon's MRI orders to see what the OS suspected was the problem & verify if the MRI showed that.  So within a week to ten days, you can usually get a half page MRI report that is much more detailed.  Likely, you can get copies of both types of reports from your OS when you have your follow up appointment (leave time for couriers to transfer the films between the offices, so about 10 days max).

Title: Re: post here too...:D
Post by: Mandy on September 02, 2004, 01:38:06 AM
Hey All~
well i hope everyone is hangin in there.  started school here today and man the knees DID NOT like it at all. well either did i but thats another story. haha.  anyways heather thank you so much for the input...its so sad how insurance changes like this.  its like in-humaine!!!  sorry that you had to go thru all of that, seriously.  but at least you have a doc who hates the new system, that says alot in itself right there haha..   well off to do some homework, first day of school and already homework, o well.   hopin to get an up in the anti inflamms or new perscription.  we'll see
thanks again heather!!!
~Mandy "part hockey girl" ;D