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Title: knee perfect while lying, hurts while standing?
Post by: booms on August 27, 2004, 08:52:10 PM

I crushed both my knee caps in a car accident last year december. i have been operated and there are wires in both the legs. I can bend my legs pretty good and untill last week could walk normally and also run a few steps. :)

:( since 5 days my one knee is acting up. I can bend it perfectly while lying down, no pain at all... but as soon as i stand up, it gets stiff within a minute.  I have to walk straight legged. This just happend out of the blue.  Please let me know if any one of u experienced the same thing...

while sitting on the bed, both my knees feel very normal, just like before. but as soon as i get up, left knees starts hurting...

Also, after the patella surgery, can people run like before?

low and depressed