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Title: Tendion Pain Behind Knee (Right Under Hamstring)
Post by: clarkarcher on August 26, 2004, 03:13:37 AM
The tendions behind my right knee has been so tight that sometimes when I  run it hurt when my foot hits the ground.  What I mean is the tendions on the backside of your leg right below the hamstring.  It is like taking a hard piece of rubber and smacking it on the ground.  Is there some form of stretching that I could do to get rid of this.  I have a marathon in less than a month.  HELP ::)
Title: Re: Tendion Pain Behind Knee
Post by: Linds on August 27, 2004, 03:32:17 PM
The Tendon behind your right knee?  Under your knee cap? Is that what you mean? I'm not sure I understand.
Could you be more specific, goodluck with the marathon.