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Title: ACL Surgery Coming Up!
Post by: rexbaumgartner on August 05, 2004, 08:25:31 PM
Okay, here is the incident in a "nutshell":

I was rear-ended while on my motorcycle, at an electic signal.


Torn (completely) ACL.  Surgery is on August 9, 2004.  I have a pretty high tolorance for pain, but I am not into this type of thing happening to me during my favorite time of year!

What am I to expect the day of surgery and the days to follow.  Will I want to shoot myself?  What is the first week like?  The second week, am I walking aroung without crutches?   How long before I can ride my motorcycle again?  ;D


I don't mean to sound like a big baby, but this is truely a bummer for me this year!  
Title: Re: ACL Surgery Coming Up!
Post by: AndrewC on August 05, 2004, 11:32:41 PM

sorry to hear about your ACL injury....but..believe me when I tell you that nearly everyone on this site finds a knee injury a bummer at this time of year (or at any time for that matter!) so you are not alone with that!!

As for the ACL info, you might want to read some posts in the "cruciate ligament" there are people at varying stages of injury and recovery there.
Also go to the general info main tab at the top of the page (I think the general one anyway!) and search for "ACL" or cruciate.....You will find a whole page dedicated to posts and info on this injury/operation etc....

All the best