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Title: PFS
Post by: Mandy on August 02, 2004, 10:57:28 PM
Hey All~
I've had PFS for about a year and a half.  As of right now i've tried numerous things to make this better and its not helping.  Ive been doing home pt for the past 6mo. and it doesnt seem to be helping. At PT theyve tried taping my knees but even the tightest of taping dont hold my knee in the right spot.  The orthotics work a little bit in improving some pain but only for so long.  I ice constantly.  Lately i just went back to pt for a brace and the physical therapist moved my knee cap around so much.  She told her co worker that was helpin that she could basically move it all the way down to my ankle   Anyways after visiting my os, he told me to come back if the brace dont work and we'll have to discuss some other options.  what could those other options be.  ive tried ice, rest, pt, taping bracing and orthotics, and meds.  What else is there?  Thanks for your help
Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Nettan on August 02, 2004, 11:07:03 PM
Hey !!

Maybe he's thinking of some surgery. There are different surgeries wether which makes your knee to come in a bad position. I wish you luck.

Nettan  ::)
Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Mandy on August 02, 2004, 11:11:57 PM
Thanks for the reply Nettan.  if he is possibly talking about surgery, what kind of surgery is there.    if this helps any: i know that my patella is off track laterally.  

with surgery: what is the recovery period?
im VERY athletic, so what are the chances of me being able to play back on my varsity hockey team?
is there a brace involved post op?
how long on crutches.

i konw thats a lot of questions but i just wanna know it all! haha ;)  thanks for the reply, hope to hear more from ya!
Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Emily on August 03, 2004, 01:14:15 AM

It sounds like your knees are similar to mine... I did everything you have done, and had surgery in Ocotober, and again in April. I read that you are 17, I'm 16, so I know how it feels to be wanting to do all of the "normal" stuff and not able to do it because of stupid knees. Basically, recovery time all depends on the surgery. If you have laterally tracking kneecaps, a lateral release or a TTO(also called TTT) are the two first surgeries that pop into my head. I had them both done.. at the same time, andI was in a brace post op for about 7 weeks, all of that time my knee was locked when I had ANY weight on my knee. I was completely relying on crutches for less that a week, but used them for about a month total to get around school and places where I would have to walk. The recovery in all should be about 6-8 months if you count post op PT.

Let us know what the OS says, there's such a broad range of possibilities it's hard to say what he may think of next. I tried conservitive treatments for about a year before I had my first surgery. I know I braced, taped, MUCH PT, e-stim, licodane patches,  medication (both pain killers, and 2 types of NSAIDS), and basically decided that surgeyr was better than living in a brace and on crutches almost all the time.

Good luck, be sure to ask any questions you may have for us!

Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Mandy on August 03, 2004, 03:08:22 AM
Thanks so much for the reply.  its nice to hear from someone who is your own age (no offense to anyone else ;))  thanks for the info about the surgeries.  i was wondering: i know about the lateral release but what does the TTT involve?  is that used if lateral release dont work or how does this all work haha.   a lot of info to take in all at once again.  
Just hoping i can last thru hockey this season and maybe if i have to do a surgery in the spring.  i dunno how i could tell my coaches and teammates that i would be out due to knee surgery. but i gues whatever happens, happens for a reason.  thanks so much for the info,  hope to hear from anybody real soon!
~Mandy :D
Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Emily on August 03, 2004, 05:06:21 AM

The decision on whether to go with a TTT or a LR really depends on what is causing your patella to track laterally. People who have a LR should have maltracking from tight lateral structures, particularly the lateral retinaculum (it pulls your kneecap to the outside, but it can be too tight... causing maltracking). The LR lengthens the lateral retinaculum so that it releases the constricture on your kneecap so that it can track properly in the groove.

If your maltracking is caused by malalignment, a TTT realigns the bone that is out of place. Below your kneecap there's a bone called the tibial tuberosity (or tubercle... I have heard it called both, I'm not sure which it really is). If it isn't running straight up and down it can cause lateral tracking. In my case, it was a combo of REALLY bad malalignment and tight lateral structures that were causing maltracking and subluxations (where the kneecap will pop over the edge of the groove and then right back in... a partial dislocation).  I have pictures from my surgeries and stuff online at ... and there's a picture of the malalignment I am talking about on there. The surgery pictures are pretty gruesome... beware if you have a weak stomach! If you look in the album called something with 3rd week (I can't remember the whole name) there's a picture called "good" knee. See the bone below my knee cap that goes way laterally? When they do a TTT they surgically fracture that bone, then move it into a more correct position and secure it in place, normally with 2 screws.

One other thing that I thought of that I tried ebfore surgery... deep tissue massage to loosen the lateral structures. My PT basically lubricated my skin and rubbed his knuckles up and down over the tight spots. Definately NOT a fun thing to do, but if you are looking to try everything possible, that's an option!

Hope this helps! Keep asking questions!

Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Mandy on August 03, 2004, 06:25:40 AM
Hey All~ :D
just checkin back.  emily~ thank you SO much with your replies!  they have helped so much.  also thanks to anyone else here who has read or replied to my posts.  all of your posts are great, keep em coming!! 8)  Anyways, i looked at your photo album emily and it was so nice to actually see pictures of what you went thru.  i only wish good things for you! ;)
If i think of anything else here, ill be sure to come back.   i check this site all the time so ill be here! thank u so much everyone! ;D
Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Mandy on August 03, 2004, 07:04:07 AM
Thanks for the pics.  Sorry u had to go thru all that but i hope that you are doing great now! ;D  I know i havent gone thru half as much as you have and countless others here. but still its nice to come here and get some personal experience.  
cat--i do have one question,  after your surgery how long did it take for you to be off crutches and whatnot.  i know everyone recovers at different speeds but just kinda wonderin.   thanks again for the pics!
Title: Re: PFS
Post by: Mandy on August 03, 2004, 09:25:07 AM
Hey guys!
One more thing that i forgot to mention earlier-- i went to pt last week (after an os appt)   and the pt was talking about my patellas being tilted :-/  Could this also be why my knees are the way they are.  I've read that the lateral release is used for this, is this all correct? ???
Thanks for the help!
~Mandy ;D