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Title: 6 years in
Post by: Screwloose on July 30, 2004, 03:02:30 AM
Hi all, I had an accident 6 years ago which crushed the lower tibial plateu and detached one of the cruciate ligaments, I was sure ut was the ACL but have been led to believe recently that it was the PCL.

Anyway I had a 9 hour operation by a Doctor Gopalgi at Medway hospital, during which a piece of bone was taken from my illac crest and grafted into my knee along with two steel plates a 13 screws, the ACL (PCL?) had come away with the boney pad so they screwed that on too.

I was told later that the damage was bad enough to consider locking the knee or losing the lower leg, so I am quite happy with the result.

I now walk without a stick but obviously limp quite a bit, depending on the weather. I have constant pain but in general I can ignore it, although over the last month I have had so many pain killers I was getting very drugged out moments, I have a number of different pain killers so as to not develop any dependancies.

I have been waiting for an operation to remove the screw inside the joint as it is preventing full extension, compression is good.

Also my joint remains very unstable, it slides forward easily and can rock latteraly, I have a knee brace (hinged) that I use from time to time and still use a stick fairly often.

T address the instability a consultant wanted to basically chisel a lump of bone from the back of the joint and move it forward to staple it in place, as an engineer I decided to look at the working of the joint and soon realised that this would reduce my compression and I deemed it more butchery than surgery, the old treating the symptoms rather than the cause thing.

The consultant has now semi retired and my case passed to a Bombay qualified consultant who plans to do the procedure, however some weeks ago I said that they could remove the screw but that was all, I found today that they still wanted to do the whole thing.

I will meet the new guy on the 5th of August with a view to getting surgery on the 20th, however I find myself suddenly very uncertain.

For one thing there is no way I will authorise the joint reshaping, and I cannot find anything about the new consultant other than him qualifying in Bombay, I do not care what nationality he is but would feel better if he had qualified in London or the U.S. or Europe.

Also after the previous consultant suggesting the butcher operation I am thinking they are working on the cheap route and I could end up with more problems.

I am resigned to thye simple fact that pain will be my bed fellow for life and that the early onset of osteo arthiritis is likely, but I do not want in the meantime to loose the mobility that I value so highly now.

Really I would like to get a private consultancy done with a first class surgeon and find out how much it will cost to have such a surgeon do some proper work on my knee, I do not mind travelling to another country, and I can then start saving for the op.

Who is the best for this kind of surgery and where are they and am I being stupid and paranoid about the op I have been offered?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Title: Re: 6 years in
Post by: Holly on July 30, 2004, 06:24:10 AM
Dear Ian:

I certainly don't think you're being "stupid" or "paranoid" about such a major surgery...especially after having been through so much already!  You have every reason to be concerned about the direction in which your operation seems to be going when, as an engineer, it does not make much sense to you.  If no one has been willing to give you a clear explanation of the mechanics of the procedure to your satisfaction, I would absolutely NOT go forward with the surgery and would look into having a consult with a private surgeon, as you have suggested.  I understand that you are looking at the very real possibility of a fair amount of expense - and possibly some travel - but you only get two knees, and you have to take the best possible care of the ones you've got, right?! ;D

There are many fine surgeons recommended on this website under "KNEE SURGEONS," above.  If you are not adverse to travelling to the States, my surgeon, Andrew S. Levy in Summit, New Jersey, is an absolutely outstanding OS and has lectured world-wide on a variety of knee techniques - including at many Olympic medical venues, recently returning from both Greece and Moscow.  His Curriculum Vitae and a link to his website can be found in the KNEE SURGEONS section under North America - New Jersey.  My leg had been severely damaged after being run over by a car 6 years prognosis for full use of my leg was rather poor; my leg was deformed and I was in constant, daily pain.  After performing a double osteotomy (tibia and femur, right leg) only 4 months ago, I am back at work and walking like a normal person - no crutches, no cane...nothing!  I even danced at my son's wedding last Sunday!  Obviously, I think he's wonderful and worth at least getting a second opinion from.

Best of luck to you, Ian.  I'm sure you'll find someone from the terrific resources available on this site!