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Title: Snapping problem
Post by: Hoz on July 25, 2004, 05:42:00 AM
I have been training in martial arts for the past nine years (jiu jitsu which is similar to wrestling and judo).
Seven weeks ago, I was training and my knee was very sore afterwards.  It was to the point where I was almost limping.  There was no audible snap or crack during the previous training session.  There was a pain in the inner right knee almost on the bone.

I went to the doctor who performed some stability tests.  He said that my meniscus and ACL were fine.  I should just relax and take some ibuprofen.

I have been doing strength training exercises for my knee.  I have also been training in my martial art, but I have been avoiding any positions that would cause my knee to twist in a strange way.  I have also been stretching and do not feel any pain on my knee anymore.

Now comes my problem - once in a while it feels like the tendon or ligament will snap over the bone with some slight pain.  And it only does this during stretching and/or stationary positions.  This will occur usually only once.  But sometimes the snap is very loud!  Other than this problem, my knee is fine.  I have no pain walking, sitting, running, etc.  

Do I just need to rest more and will this eventually go away?  I have been doing some research on the internet, but I haven't really pin pointed a cause.  Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: Snapping problem
Post by: Nettan on July 25, 2004, 03:29:57 PM
Hey !!

The doc did he gave you any timelimit where he thought you would be ok again ? If not why not make a call back to the doc.

Nettan  ::)