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Title: 8 weeks PO and stuck at 80-- HELP
Post by: Simmair on September 21, 2021, 11:33:21 AM
Hey everyone,

I was hit by a car 9 weeks ago and right knee was severely dislocated...ACL, PCL, PLC, Meniscus damage/tear.  Left knee will require surgery for ACL PCL. Surgery was done on right knee first 4 weeks after injury.  However, because of PLC damage, I was not allowed to bend my knee until 4 weeks PO and not allowed to bend over 70 at 6 weeks PO.

Made 70 at 6 weeks PO but doctor said knee feels stiff and will need another surgery if my knee doesn't get to 120 in 4 more weeks.

At 7 week PO, I made it over 95 ROM. Now at 8 weeks, I am barely making 85 ROM.  I am either regressing or there are inconsistencies with the measurements from therapist.

I am not 100% happy with my therapist or my doctor, to be honest.  I think the wait for PLC healing stiffened my knee and is affecting my ROM. I also don't think my therapist was pushing me hard enough the first 6 weeks.

I'm in ALOT of pain in therapy now.  I use the a machine that forcefully flexes my knee and just started rocking on the bike yesterday. 

I don't really want to have to do another surgery on the right knee and I am super concerned. 

I am trying to do more exercises at home but I'm still not making progress. 

*What exercises have you all done that helped improve your ROM? How long do you hold these exercises and how many times a day?

*Anyone invest in a at home CPM machine?

*Tips on making it through painful PT? Pain meds?

*Any overall tips or words of encouragement?

Thank you
Title: Re: 8 weeks PO and stuck at 80-- HELP
Post by: Limping_Loafer on October 07, 2021, 12:16:23 PM
When I had my first arthroscopy 11 years ago I was given no post-op advice so completely rested the knee for the first 3 days. Following on from that I was completely unable to bend the knee beyond 110 degrees. I had a few physios lean into the knee as though I was faking the restricted bend and I thought it was going to snap. In the end, I had to head back to the surgeon for a steroid injection into the cavity as scar tissue had built up which was preventing full ROM. After the injection, I quickly regained my ROM and was able to work on it to get it to where it was before surgery. Best of luck with it. 
Title: Re: 8 weeks PO and stuck at 80-- HELP
Post by: bevboyz on November 06, 2021, 04:32:25 PM
I had a similar issue following OATS.
I was very worried and thought I would need an MUA. I got stuck similar to you at around 80 at about 6-8 weeks. I did go to the physio who used Graston technique and that instantly got me another 10 degrees of motion. I had a few more treatments and kept working on my physio and now up to 135. Just my experience but you may find that Graston helps.