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Title: Patella ORIF recovery advice
Post by: ginanoelle10 on April 11, 2021, 05:00:03 AM

Looks like great website but is anyone on here in last few years?

Need advice

5.5 months ago had right patella ORIF surgery and broke left shoulder at same time.

I had lousy insurance and feel like I learned more from Google than any DR

Surgery Nov 1--
6 weeks, in hospital, no weight bearing at all--shoulder fractured too- so slept like crap for 6 weeks
Took 4 more weeks to get approved for PT--2 full months after surgery I start therapy.
I see people on here did exercise in hospital after couple weeks in hospital?

I feel very behind and still cant go back to normal job-----can anyone give me rundown on how their experience went? If I had insurance now Id talk to new DR and get some hope back

Went from hospital bed, to couch-no walker, crutches--cuz insurance didnt cover so I just took baby steps literally and Googled care----thanks for listening
Title: Re: Patella ORIF recovery advice
Post by: lissygirl on April 17, 2021, 10:47:02 AM
Hi Gina
I replied to you a few weeks ago on another thread - in the same position as you - 6.5 months out from surgery.  If you get this reply let me know and we can continue on this thread.  Things get lost in this great big forum!