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Title: Fat Pad specialists
Post by: Samiul27 on March 26, 2021, 09:38:03 AM

Having taken me a year to almost cure my tendinopathy with physio, another issue has popped up. I had a scope on my patella in Oct 2019 with Professor Nick London in Leeds but ever since I've had occasional burning sensations on the medial side of my left knee. He made two incisions, I'm guessing he may have irritated something on one of the sides.

I'm currently having issues with my media Fat Pad on my left knee, I'm booked in to see Claire Robertson at Wimbledon clinics and possibly a steroid injection. But if all that is unsuccessful are there any recommendations for fat pad orthopedic surgeons, from what I read surgery on the fat pad is not very successful and leaves people with further complications.

I've come across Dr Charles Owen in Bournemouth who claims to treat over 200 a year

Title: Re: Fat Pad specialists
Post by: vickster on March 26, 2021, 10:17:19 AM
I doubt there’s such a thing, maybe a patellofemoral specialist if you have general PF issues

My OS trimmed quite a lot off my *good* right knee back in 2015 as well as tidying up some wear and tear and frayed meniscus, not had any issues with it since.
Certainly not a specialism of his but he does hundreds of knee scopes and replacements a year, only operates on knees.

Clare Robertson is very good and focused on the PF joint, and has a strong point of view on matters related to the fat pad. She often recommends ice massage to the area (she did to me when I saw her a few years back, mine can be a bit swollen just as a consequence of all the wear in my bad knee).

Never heard of Charles Owen but there are a lot of knee surgeons in the U.K.!
Is it this Mr (surgeons in UK are Mr not Dr) Charles Willis-Owen?