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Title: Cyst Question
Post by: gr8fit on May 05, 2004, 06:11:53 AM

I just met with my sports med doc today.  Based on the MRI results I had 2 years ago it turns out that I have a cyst the size of a walnut in my knee.  (I have currenlty been having problems with my knee....but they haven't been the typical problems of meniscus locking and catching...although they have been similiar).  Most of my pain is in the posterior-lateral portion of my knee.

This is what kills me....the MRI results are 2 years old and I was NEVER told that I had a cyst  (let along a cyst the size of a walnut).  I sortof called them on this and his response was..your knee was so bad that the cyst was the last of our worries...or something to that nature.

At any rate, I'm scheduled for an ultra sound on Thursday to find the cyst and take out the liquid and possibly inject it with cortisone (spelling?).

Has anyone had this experience?  I'm afraid that they might accidentally hit a nerve or an artery....given that they neglected to tell me that I even have a cyst...I wouldn't put this mishap past them..... I guess I should be in charge of managing my own health care...I guess I'm learning this the long-drawn-out way.

Please let me know if you have had experience with a cyst that has caused some sort of catching and if they sucessfully (or not) have been able to deflate it.  THANKS
Title: Re: Cyst Question
Post by: rickslick on August 17, 2004, 03:39:31 AM
1st, I am new to this discussion area and am impressed with the quality of talk going on here.

I have been diagnosed with a small posterior knee Baker's cyst 3 months ago. It is about the size of yours or perhaps a bit smaller. The orthopedic surgeon said they are fairly common and if they do not pose any pain, they generally leave them alone. I assume they are not harmfull unless the bother you.........Thats all I know and being an MRI Tech who does knee scans, I see these mentioned in patient reports somewhat often....Rick
Title: Re: Cyst Question
Post by: gr8fit on August 17, 2004, 11:44:52 PM
Thanks for your reply Rick!

Since my post, I've had another MRI and I've seen my OS.  I still have the cyst (it's getting bigger), bone spurs, and (luckily) very slow progression with my degeneration.  At any rate, we've decided to hold off on another knee scope through the summer. My OS told me that I had a 50/50 chance of making my knee worse and or better with another knee scope.  As he put it, my knee is so bad that he can't guarantee anything.

I now have almost complete ROM but I do experience some catching and have to monitor my gait when participating in cardiovascular activities such as biking and inline skating.  (I used to be an avid runner).  I do have a lot of pain in my knees but movement is really important to me.

Thanks for your reply.  I hope you do well with your knees!!
Title: Re: Cyst Question
Post by: justbe on September 16, 2007, 10:09:59 AM
     Hi gr8fit.  saw your post re:"walnut sized cyst".  mine is approx. same size (parameniscal cyst w/left lateral meniscal tear.  I'm trying to avoid scope & total meniscus removal  which 1'st knee surgeon stated I needed without guarantee cyst wouldn't return.  have done much research & know aspiration of cyst is often done and preferred by some surgeons so am off to see 2'nd surgeon in NYC 9/18/07.  If you read this before I go please reply & tell me how you made out.  thank you very much.  I hope you are doing well at present.
     sincerely,  linda (just be)
Title: Re: Cyst Question
Post by: gr8fit on September 17, 2007, 02:40:53 PM
Hi justbe,

Well, it's been about 3 years since then and I'm doing alright.  I decided against surgery.  I do experience "knee locking" and this happens infrequently but when it happens it goes on for about 3 weeks at a time.  The severity of the locking changes.  Sometimes it's mild and I can adjust my knee a certain way to resume "normal" ROM.  Other times, it will stay stuck for several hours and I literally have to hop around.  Recently, I've been LOCK FREE for over 3 months (I've found that February-April are times that my knee starts to act up).  Overall, my knee lock-ups aren't horrible...but they have required me to REALLY LISTEN to my knee.

I'm still really active.  I'm diligent with my PT exercises. I teach fitness classes, run-jog, inline skate, bike, hike, weight train (during the summer I put in about 100-130 miles of different activities per week).  I do have to monitor my knees on all activities but I've been able to maintain my fitness level at age 43.  I guess I had to learn to work with my knee limitations, which took me about 3 years to do. 

How much is your current condition affecting your life?  Are you a person who loves to move your body?  For me, I try to avoid any surgery if possible.  Even though knee scopes are supposedly easy to do and easy to recover took me a very long time to recover from my one and only knee scope.

I hope this helps.  Let me know your progress and thoughts!  Best Wishes to you on your doctor visit tomorrow.