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Title: Problems 2 Months After Meniscectomy - Can It Be Normal?
Post by: murat on May 06, 2020, 08:29:47 PM

I've had meniscus repair surgery 6 months ago, from my right knee medial meniscus.

4 months later, due to ongoing problems, I was back in surgery and doctor told me he took some meniscus out and there was more than %80 of it! Frankly, I don't trust him anymore because he is the same person who told me I'd be running around 1 month!

But now after 2 months of self-physio therapy, I can not even walk comfortably. Last week I walked 1.5 km with 20 minute breaks 2 times, and I was in pain when it was over.

Yesterday I biked 30 minutes without putting my knee under any stress, but after, I was walking with such difficulty! I was devastated again and had a terrible day later on.

Do you think there is a chance for me to fully recover?

I am only 30 by the way. I'm quite convinced that I'll have to have meniscus implant sometime soon.
Title: Re: Problems 2 Months After Meniscectomy - Can It Be Normal?
Post by: kbart on August 08, 2020, 03:51:30 PM
hi Murat, i'm wondering if you've had a post surgical x-ray?  i know in my case, i didn't think for a second that the meniscectomy would lead to bone-on-bone contact.  but even after having x-rays, a physical therapist and a physiatrist both said i wasn't 'bone-on-bone'.  that's because x-rays don't show cartilage, only bone, so what they were seeing was space occupied by the articular cartilage of the femur touching the articular cartilage of the fibula.  so technically i wasn't 'bone-on-bone' but i was 'articular-on-articular'.  obviously if you get to that point the friction of the 2 will get you to 'bone-on-bone' eventually.  it may take awhile, perhaps 5 or 6 years, but eventually you will get to 'osteo-arthritis'.  simply put, this means it's time for the knee replacement.  surgeons can be cruel people.  i would never ruin someone's knee for money, but they're so used to not having a moral compass they don't even think twice about it.  i was naive and paid a heavy price.
Title: Re: Problems 2 Months After Meniscectomy - Can It Be Normal?
Post by: kbart on August 11, 2020, 07:43:32 PM
forgot to add Murat that the estimate of 80% of tissue removal by the surgeon is likely an estimate only.  it's not like they measure it or something; they're just estimating.  after my first partial meniscectomy the surgeon spoke to me post op and said he removed only 10% of the meniscus.  years later when i saw him again and  I quoted him, he shrugged and said '10 percent, 20 percent, whatever', meaning the obvious; he goes in, cleans up, and goes out.  date with Debbie at 6.  so don't hang your hat on having 80% of your meniscus.  maybe you do, maybe you don't.  additionally, what i failed to realize is that if that 20% comes from one area, let's say the posterior horn, and that could be enough to clos the joint space, especially if the estimate is off by 10%.  if he takes out 30% of the meniscus, all from the posterior horn, that could be why you still have issues....surgeons contour the meniscus a certain way, and the meniscus isn't necessarily contoured evenly all around the inner surface. i would have your knee x-rayed to see how much joint space is there keeping in mind that your articular cartilage, femur and tibia, could be in contact.  don't rule out an MRI as well, as it will show damage to the articular cartilage if that's the case.  and as you know, cartilage doesn't show up on x-rays, only bone.  hope that helps and you are feeling better now that it's been a few months.  leave a question for me any time.  knee problems are really head problems, trust me i know.....
Title: Re: Problems 2 Months After Meniscectomy - Can It Be Normal?
Post by: murat on September 01, 2020, 07:31:50 PM
Hi kbart. I've just come across your reply and I wanted to reply back.

I visited another doctor, a respected professor. He told me, after looking at my MRI, that I have had 60 to 70% medial meniscus left.

He told me you should be able to play basketball with this knee, but I can't seem to be comfortable during my quite easygoing life...

Professor also told me that my knee will be just fine until I'm around 60-65, then I will face the bitterness of osteoarthritis. I am hoping this will be the truth. What I want the most is "a not deteriorating knee". I am doing yoga, some running and training with weights, 3 times a week.