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Title: Does this sound like a meniscus issue?
Post by: BenAldridge0 on November 15, 2019, 03:18:12 AM
Good evening,

I posted a rather lengthy history of my knee on another thread, but I think my rigor may have turned people off as I haven't received any feedback so far. Since my suspicion is that I have an issue with the lateral part of my meniscus, I thought I'd submit my current symptoms and see if it resonates as a meniscus issue:


Symptoms and characteristics of my knee for the last 2.5 years:

-- twisting motion and popping sensation on the medial side of my right knee.
-- unable to swim with my right knee joint, as if something deep inside isn't there or functioning.
-- I am able to squat with some weight, but when I do, something in my knee joint feels "not there," and atmosphere of my knee joint feels "dry"   (meniscus I've learned lubricates the joint with synovial fluid)
-- an ultrasound revealed that upon performing a knee lunge, there is a white line -- probably fluid-- at the superior pole of my patella. The imaging doctor said he believed it was because of activity under the knee cap.
-- unable to perform leg extensions or leg presses, comfortably, of even just 50 pounds.
-- a persistent sense that my right knee joint is mysteriously pointing diagonally, to my right, even though both of my knee caps face the same direction.
-- on the elliptical machine, it feels like the right side of my knee joint is somehow not participating in the motion. almost like my shin down to my feet are pointing straight, but my knee is pointing diagonally to the right. It gives it a feel as if my shin downwards is connected to my right quad upwards by some sort of machine


My suspicion is scar tissue in my meniscus. MRIs and an arthroscopy a year and a half ago revealed nothing, but I wonder if it was missed. Thank you