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Title: plc and nerve success
Post by: Cornish-knee on April 27, 2004, 01:27:19 PM
i am putting this message on because not of the sucess of my op but of phisio and dam hard work which meant today i started to swim not using legs ,but it is a start.
    At the start of jan i had a op to sort out the pcl plc and a nerve problem  but there were complications finding my acl gone aswell. my os was really goood put a nerve graft in and reconstructed the plc.  i now have another op in september to finish the reconstruction of the acl pcl.
  but for the last 3 + ,mounths the nerve has slowly been regrowing and i have been doing phisio everyday. so today i had hyrotherapy and my phisio said i could start swimming this is good news because i not allowed to use a bike so at least  it is some exerecise ;D
   I thought i would  share with people my success story so far even if there are complications
   it shows that a lot of phisio and a good mental attiotude can do
Title: Re: plc and nerve success
Post by: ozzybug on April 29, 2004, 07:54:09 AM
I agree- what may seem like a "small" improvement to anyone else is a Mountain of improvement when you are dealing with recovery from major or minor knee surgery.

I agree with you about hard work, patience and a positive attitude.  Hey- keeping a positive and determined attitude during situations like this is a major thing to be proud of too!  I gets hard when you have to take small baby steps, but when you accomplish something new, it rejuvinates you and gives you that extra "umph" you really need.

I hope to see you continue to post here because it gives us hope that this can be done.  It may take lots of time, but we can do this!

Congrats, and wishes for continued improvement!