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Title: Microfracture surgery
Post by: bbanne2006 on September 12, 2019, 11:48:43 PM
I had microfracture on my right knee one month ago. It was on the medial side. I also had cartilage that was detached on the lateral side of my knee that was removed. I was using crutches for about 1 week and then my doctor told me I could walk. I had been doing fine and progressing in therapy until yesterday. I all of a sudden felt pain in spot where the microfracture was done. I had this pain before the surgery and it was due to the large tear. The pain is worse than it was before I had the surgery. They placed a tens unit on me during therapy today. I am just worried that something is going wrong with the microfracture area. My PT did say the area was more swollen today and told me to ice it and elevate it over the weekend and we will reevaluate when I got back on Monday. Anybody have any similar  happenings? i'm kind of freaking out.
Title: Re: Microfracture surgery
Post by: Vickster on September 13, 2019, 09:15:30 AM
One month is still very soon after knee surgery, especially microfracture. I had it on my trochlea back in January and my physio said up to 6 months to recovery should be expected. For the clot to form, the fibrocartilage to mature, the inflammation to subside and to get back to pre op strength and function. Longer if a weightbearing area (presumably not if you were walking unaided after a week?). The bone has been assaulted, that will also hurt for a while.

In terms of the microfracture area, at a month, it won't be settled, you may not even have fibrocartilage yet but a raw wound. Even if the fibrocartilage does develop and take (it's not 100% guaranteed to), it will likely never feel the same as the hyaline cartilage was there as it's hard, rough, the knee won't glide exactly like it did.

Follow your PTs instructions, do the exercises appropriate to the stage of rehab, ice daily especially after activity to keep swelling at bay. You could also try some anti inflammatory gel rubbed into the area (as long you are able to use NSAIDs)

Good luck, it's a long haul, so be patient and don't worry about little setbacks. It's not a linear recovery

Title: Re: Microfracture surgery
Post by: bbanne2006 on September 14, 2019, 04:58:23 AM
thank you for your response. I am icing it and taking NSAIDs. I am trying to do the exercises but everything I do causes bad shaking. Especially the straight leg raises. I actually had to use my crutches to get around yesterday which I wasn't a fan of. Therapy said they would back down on some of the exercises that I probably just aggravated it. I am impatient when it comes to being the patient. I also went into surgery not knowing what I was having done.
Title: Re: Microfracture surgery
Post by: Vickster on September 14, 2019, 08:03:14 AM
Can you access a hydrotherapy pool with a therapist. You might find doing exercises in the pool, especially in warm water much more knee friendly

The shaking will be muscle weakness, it'll take time to build that up

How old are you? In terms of being patient, yes it might take 6-12 months but that's only a small part of the rest of your future life. Overdoing it now will just set you back and make the recovery longer

If you need crutches, use them, if they're uncomfortable, maybe try a different style
Title: Re: Microfracture surgery
Post by: bbanne2006 on September 14, 2019, 10:15:14 PM
I am 31 years old. The physical therapy dept I use does have a pool. I will have to ask about that on my next session on Monday. This weekend has consisted of icing and elevating my knee. I haven't gone anywhere. I've been doing the exercises as best as I can. I am a paramedic and I am used to being the caregiver instead of receiving it.
Title: Re: Microfracture surgery
Post by: Celina1989 on September 18, 2019, 05:06:01 PM
Wow bbane2006 a lot of your story is equal to mine. Only I had mfx on the medial femur condyle. I was in pain for months and after the surgeon finally found something I first was happy surgery was not useless. Hmm I was wrong.. It has been a painful, hard and long recovery after the surgery. For me hydrotherapy worked very well. Besides the muscle strenghtening it gave me a lot more confidence.

NSAIDs are somewhat two-folded: they work at first but if you use m for too long they work against. So better not use m for too long (about a week?)

I think your recovery from getting off crutches and with the exercises went quiet fast. Maybe your knee gave you the sign it was going to fast. Hope you found your way by now. Loosing muscle is easy but getting it back takes a lot of effort.

Wishing you all the best for a good recovery!
Title: Re: Microfracture surgery
Post by: Dave33 on October 06, 2019, 04:37:09 PM
Sorry to hear of your discomfort.

Having had this done, I think the best piece of advice is at the end of Vickster's response - "this isn't a linear recovery".

You likely won't be able to tell if there was any benefit whatsoever until the 1 year mark because of all the ups and downs; the hardest part of the surgery for me was the mental attempts and subsequent ups and downs of grading the effectiveness.

Oh yeah, that, and stairs. ;)

best of luck.