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Title: Kneecap dislocation please help
Post by: Abbysmart92 on August 26, 2019, 03:59:14 PM
Hello, just looking for some advice please.  i dislocated my kneecap 12 years ago after taking a blow to the knee on a leap of faith when i was around 14. Iv since knocked it out another two more times. The second while lying in bed and I straighten my leg out and it slid out this was about 4 years later and then last weekend I was playing tag with my daughter and it popped out whilst  running Iím now 27. All three times itís been put back in by paramedics the first time I was on holiday in France. Anyway this is the first time itís come out since having children so Iím finding recovering hard. Itís a lot more painful this time. I have been given a knee splint to wear that wonít let me bend my leg. I had a appointment at the fracture clinic on Thursday 5days after it happened. He had a quick look asked where it hurt looked at my X-ray and booked me in for a mri. He said I should try to bend it and nothing else really. I didnít ask many questions because I was fretting about the pain. So Iím annoyed about that I have so many questions now. He mentioned surgery talking about my knee as form as a cheese grater.... he wasnít very forth coming with anything but was surprised that iv never had a mri. Iv never been sent for  a mri any other time and he  seemed a bit shocked by that. Anyway since then iv took the splint off to have a look and tried bending it. Itís still very tender and painful but I can bend it a little but if I try to bend to a 90 degree angle itís painful and I can feel lots of tension around my knee and top of my thigh itís the same if I straighten it I can only go so far. I cannot bear weight on it or it feels like it will pop out or just give way with our the brace. My sons 17months old and Iím to scared to take the brace off and try to walk with crutches because heís so rough, and doesnít understand not to keep running at me to cuddle grabbing my legs and I cannot pick him up or use the crutches while Iím trying to take care of both my children. In the brace I can walk and put weight on it meaning I can get up the stairs bring down washing, make them dinner and basically mom. But if I take this off Iíll need to walk with the crutches and Iím scared of being knocked down or falling over or Henry throwing his toys at it again while itís bare. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or knows or a good brace I can wear while Iím trying to heal my knee and stay mobile to take care of the kids and house. My husbands at work most of the day and is exhausted when heís home so I need to be able to pull my weight. Iv been given a sick note for work so him staying off to help out isnít a option as we wonít afford our rent! Sorry to have talked so much Iím just scared and in pain and feel useless. Iv never had physio on my knees but the doctor mentioned it this time. Every time iv dislocated it Iv been nervous about it happening again but this time Iím terrified, I was lucky this time I was visiting my dad and there was family around to keep the kids safe while I was in agony, I cannot put  it back in myself. It was out for a hour in total. I know it could be so much worse but Iím so anxious about it happening again as the paramedic told me itís likely to come out again so take it easy. I knew this already but I cannot seem to shake the fear.
Title: Re: Kneecap dislocation please help
Post by: LKHunt on August 26, 2019, 06:57:50 PM
Hi, I had a dislocated kneecap in 1991 when I was 29, from a skiing accident. I had surgery a few weeks later, once the swelling had gone down, which fully repaired it and it hasnít given the slightest trouble since. The surgical fix was to tie/bundle together all the tissues on the side of the tear so that they could grow back together again and stabilise the kneecap. There were 3 ties inserted, one above the other, via arthroscopy. 4 tiny incisions altogether including one for a scope. The surgeon was quite senior, at St Vincentís Hospital in Sydney, and it seemed that the solution was his own idea and he wasnít absolutely sure it would work and the tissues would grow back together, but it did and Iíve been very happy with it.

Physio is a must, both before the op to reduce swelling and strengthen the knee, and then after the op to mobilise the joint. Mine was massively swollen after my fall, and again after the op, and I think physio was a huge contribution to rapid rehab and overall success. It hurts, but it pays in the end.

Hope this helps. The sooner you get on and get it fixed the better. Healing gets worse with age.

Title: Re: Kneecap dislocation please help
Post by: The KNEEguru on August 27, 2019, 10:21:50 AM
It would be good to learn a bit about MPFL tears and also trochlear dysplasia, as you may need surgical attention at some time - feel free to download this eBook -
Title: Re: Kneecap dislocation please help
Post by: Abbysmart92 on August 27, 2019, 09:52:53 PM
It would be good to learn a bit about MPFL tears and also trochlear dysplasia, as you may need surgical attention at some time - feel free to download this eBook -

Thank you both for your replies. I was having a crappy day yesterday and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Iv been limping round the house for 10 days and With it being the last few weeks of the summer holidays iv been feeling really guilty for keeping the kids indoors. I took off my knee immobilizer yesterday and have been walking with a smaller brace that lets me bend but supports it to. Itís still very painful but I have a bit of movement and I can walk on it. It could be so much worse, iv been looking at stories on here and I feel for so many people. I think iv worried myself by over thinking. I always get anxious after it comes out but this time iv had it far worse but I need to get on with it.

Anyway thank you for both your replies I appreciate them. I will take a look at the book now.  👍