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Title: Nobody has actually healed their PFPS?
Post by: kNewc on August 05, 2019, 08:38:47 PM
I sprained my knee doing too many squats in a single session. I also was biking every other day and running the days I wasn't mountain biking (with motocross every wed/saturday/sunday). I was very active for motocross racing and since the injury I can't even kick over a bike. I've had a MRI which showed everything was intact - however also showed grade 1/2 Chondromalacia and IT Band Syndrome. I've done physical therapy twice. The first time was the typical runners knee exercises, and this last time focused more on my hips, calves, and quad being stretched (with moderate exercises). I have had many ups and downs. Sometimes I feel decent and can walk 5000 steps a day. Other's I barely want to walk at all... Basically I'm super depressed as I feel this will never end. It's been 4 months but I feel like this is a lifelong thing. I injured my right rotator cuff in 2019 and I still have issues with it. So I feel this will be similar. I'm so depressed I can't ride my bikes (mountain or dirt). I don't care if I can't run again, but I want to bike so badly....

Has anyone ever healed??
Title: Re: Nobody has actually healed their PFPS?
Post by: Brandon123 on August 07, 2019, 09:12:39 AM
Hi kNewc,

PFPS typically takes time to heal, and the standard advice (PT, strengthening exercises etc.) does not work for everybody. But it is definitely possible to heal, or at least improve drastically. For example, check out the posts and stories of SuspectDevice on this forum. You can start with this: (

You might also want to look into the papers and YouTube videos with Dr. Scott F. Dye.

4 months is a short period in terms of knee injuries, and you don't seem to have anything serious going on in the knee. So your chances for healing are really good I would say. So be realistic that it might take some time to improve (a year is not unusual), but at the same time, do not lose hope! You CAN get better from this.
Title: Re: Nobody has actually healed their PFPS?
Post by: SuspectDevice on August 08, 2019, 02:29:13 AM
Yeah mate, like Brandon said 4 months is no time in PFPS world.  Long story short, I'm pretty sure mine was chronic synovial inflammation, due to doing too much exercise with quite severe patella chondromalacia.  The PC was not great, but the synovial inflammation was a 6 year nightmare.

The key difference between the two is a follows:

Chrondromalacia - damage to cartilage on the back of kneecap.  The pain is more like a sharp catching and aching with certain movements (esp deep knee bends).

Synovial inflammation - a constant ache and burn, the knee gets hot and red sometimes.  It feels like all your cartilage suddenly disappeared.

I solved mine with 6 mths on the anti-inflammatory Celebrex, plus being careful with my activity (no runnning or cycling), but carefully building my leg strength (deadlifts, supported sissy squats, kettlebell swings).  But nothing would have worked without the Celebrex to knock out the long-term inflammation.

I'm back to hard mountain/road biking now, hard leg weights, a little running.  But I still have to be careful.  for example I bought some MTB knee guards, and found wearing them can bring the synovial symptoms back on again unfortunately.  But without them I'm OK.