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Title: Meniscus Removal and knee jarring
Post by: Howie87 on June 13, 2019, 04:53:36 AM
Hi all,

6 years ago I had 40% of my lateral meniscus removed after a bucket handle tear. Since then I have enjoyed a relatively active lifestyle, with the only real complications being some tenderness after strenuous activity e.g snowboarding, and a preference for the cross trainer rather than the treadmill.

However, recently I have had a couple of moments that have given me cause for concern. If my knee is bent and I shift while weight bearing, it sometimes feels like the knee “jolts” and I have a sensation of the two bones banging into each other. This also happened last week while swimming - for three days I successfully swam breaststroke with 0 issues, but then on the fourth day as my leg was coming back round for me to kick, i felt a sharp pain on the lateral side and the same sensation of bone on bone as the knee clicked.

When this happens there is no swelling and, aside from feeling a bit tender for a few hours afterwards, I seem to have no other issues. There is some slight tenderness in the back of the knee (bottom of hamstring) but this passes after a day or so.

My question is: is this just the reality of having 40% of my meniscus removed, or is it likely further damage has occurred at some point and these moments are a warning sign?

Title: Re: Meniscus Removal and knee jarring
Post by: Vickster on June 13, 2019, 05:34:14 AM
Meniscus removal often leads to early or accelerated arthritis (I believe outcomes tend to worse with lateral menisectomy unfortunately)  . I’d get examined by a knee specialist and an X-ray to look at joint space in the first instance, then an MRI if required.

Good luck  :)
Title: Re: Meniscus Removal and knee jarring
Post by: terry96 on June 18, 2019, 09:07:29 AM

What you describe is almost exactly the same as me.

Also snowboard and get an ache. Also have had problems swimming breaststroke (comes and goes).
Also have had sensation of bone grinding / moving on bone.

I also have lateral meniscus issues (slightly complex tear after 13 years with undiagnosed torn ACL).

The bone moving on bone sensation with clicking is the interesting one.

Read up on your knee anatomy a bit and also look at the tibiofibular joint.
The pain I have which is very similar to what you describe almost certainly originates from that joint.
Previously I would have said it was my knee but it is definitely well below the joint line and on the lateral side.

For me weighted calf raises seem to really help also light running and cycling.
I have high arches, a tendency to roll over my ankle and IT band problems.
All contributing to discomfort / pain.

Obviously I'm not a doctor so don't take advice from me but make sure you find somebody to work with.
Make sure you can describe your pain / discomfort accurately.

Remember "morphology does not equal pathology".
You don't want somebody who will just point to damage on an xray or mri and say that is where your pain comes from.

It might be but also it might not.