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Title: Lateral posterior pain
Post by: Natalie.D on June 10, 2019, 07:34:55 PM

I am experiencing excruciating pain at back of my knee on the outer side, easier first thing in morning and worsens as the day goes on to the point I cannot bend or walk on it, any idea what could be causing it?  Ligament?  OA?  I have severe OA in all compartments.  Thanks.

Title: Re: Lateral posterior pain
Post by: Vickster on June 10, 2019, 08:40:15 PM
Could be arthritis or maybe meniscus? Probably need to see a specialist and get an MRI
Are you waiting on a TKR?
Title: Re: Lateral posterior pain
Post by: Natalie.D on June 10, 2019, 09:23:24 PM
Thanks Vickster,

I have a screw in that knee so an MRI wouldn't get the best results.

I was expecting to get TKRs in both knees as I've been told for over 20 years that I will need both knees done eventually, however, after I eventually agreed to have them done, the hospital said they wouldn't touch me as I was "too complicated" so they sent me to a specialist. I was then told by the specialist that the outcome would be highly unlikely to be successful due to having had an Elmslie Trillat on both knees (as well as all the other problems I have) so he basically said that he could do it but it would be very risky and I could end up worse off than I am now and if it failed the options left for me were severely limited (fuse, wheelchair, amputation), none of which I was very keen on! I was getting used to the idea of living with it and had started to accept my situation and the fact that I would never be out of pain - until recently, until this pain started at the back of the knee, it doesn't feel like the usual OA pain (the gnawing, aching etc), this pain is way above the usual and has made me physically sick with the pain, it is hard to straighten it and even harder to bend it when the pain hits.  Hospital now just right me off as a hopeless case, last time I dislocated they basically threw a leg splint at me and left the room!  So, now that I have to deal with this myself, I'm trying to find out what the cause might be of this new pain and how I can deal with it, up till now my OA pain has been painful, frustrating and exhausting - but bearable, this is debilitating and the thought of living with this new pain is just unthinkable, so much so that I am actually considering risking the surgery!  :'(

Sorry - bit of a rant there but feeling extremely frustrated and abandoned by the NHS.