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Title: I regret it
Post by: tillwint on March 23, 2019, 04:19:04 PM
I feel like I destroyed the future of my knee with the mescectomy i had 4 months ago.
I have a fear of athrosis and that the pain i have now won't go away.

Here is my post:

I am really alone and isolated at the moment. The last few days I am having panic attacks and I am trembling all the time. I would appreciate any kind of hope or motivation.

Thank You
Title: Re: I regret it
Post by: Brandon123 on March 24, 2019, 03:09:03 PM
Sorry to hear that you're in pain. A surgery that has not played out according to expectations is not only about the physical pain, but also the mental part. If you browse around this forum you will find many stories of people who are depressed and feel hopeless in the midst of their knee struggles. So in that sense, you're definitely not alone. Regarding the pain on the inside of your knee, it is not uncommon to get a sharp stabbing type of pain at that location after surgery. It is an area where it is super tight in the knee and the slightest swelling/irritation of tissues can create this type of pain (I have been told). So your "new" pain might very well settle down as the knee heals from your surgery. A surgery is always a trauma for the knee that can create all kinds of temporary aches and pains. If not, you should of course see a specialist (good that you have an upcoming appointment). Moreover, if you have a history of depression and now feel completely overwhelmed, please seek professional help for that too. Lastly, remember that this situation is temporary, you will be OK :)
Title: Re: I regret it
Post by: Stelfox on March 26, 2019, 02:02:56 PM
Hi Tillwint,

I had 80 % lateral minescus removed when I was 17, then I had ACL reconstruction and the 3rd operation was a micro fracture.

It takes a lot longer than you might expect for recovery, after my 3rd op, my knee stopped hurting after 2 years, so I know how you feel, I felt low about it. But Iím 31 years old now and touch wood itís working out fine, allot of the correct physio exercises to stable the knee and a lot of stretching and acupuncture helped me get back to normal. It takes a while but it definitely gets better no matter  how bad it seems at the time.
Title: Re: I regret it
Post by: tillwint on March 26, 2019, 04:23:18 PM
Thank you very much for your answers,
I managed to get to talk to another doc and he sent me to six sessions of PT again. He also mentioned that just by looking at my legs that they are misaligned and that i might be a candidate for an osteotomy if I keep getting pain. I don't know how to feel about that as that means 2 more surgeries with major recovery but i'll wait for the X-Ray.
I never had any therapy but my university has free therapy sessions for their students and i made an appointment for next week.
Lets just hope that this all works out.