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Title: Synovial Rupture?
Post by: richp58 on July 31, 2018, 04:57:25 PM
I'm male, 60 yo, athletic.  I live in New England.   

I've been running outside or indoor treadmill/skier since '93.  I run during the summer months and do the indoor stuff in the winter.  Also, during the winter, I'll do squats and other leg strengthening exercises. 

Last fall, after a run, I noticed a small cyst-like area (yellow, in the photo).  I felt no pain at all.  I continued running another month or so, and the "cyst" would swell up after a run, then go down overnight.  Still, no pain whatsoever. 

At some point, mid winter, I noticed that it was snaking up and over the kneecap (green, in the photo).  It was just a thin, worm-like extension.  I thought it was some kind of cyst or other similar growth.  There was still no pain at all. 

Toward the end of June - early July, after doing 5 mile runs, seven days in a row, the whole thing really swelled up, tightening the skin -- more than doubling in thickness, although it hadn't extended any further.  Still no pain or stiffness at all.  I Googled the symptoms and concluded that it must be a synovial rupture, caused by a meniscus tear.  Not having any medical coverage and not wanting to "blow my knee out", I've reluctantly halted my running (total bummer, after 25 solid years)

It's been about a month, now, and it's still kind of puffed up.  I can press down with my thumb at one end, and feel the fluid squishing to the other end and bulging up, making the skin white.  No pain or stiffness -- even after walking up stairs (although I avoid really putting stress on the knee).

Any thoughts?  I can't afford to get it checked out.  Maybe five years from now, when Medicare kicks in, I can get it properly looked at.
Title: Re: Synovial Rupture?
Post by: Elonmasx on December 06, 2018, 06:38:35 AM
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