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Title: Questions about meds and OATS
Post by: Bjacob on July 20, 2018, 12:12:33 AM
Hi, first of all allow me to thank you for allowing me join and be part of the forum. Iíll try and keep my first post brief. Iím currently going through a rough patch partially due to my knee and other circumstances. This has brought me to exploring antidepressants, specifically cymbalta. It claims to be a pain killer for such things as osteoarthritis as well as an antidepressant. Has anyone had any experience with it? Good, bad?
My next question has to due with OATS surgery. I apologize for not know the exact specifics of my knee condition (size of condyle defect etc.) but did have a recent MRI which my ortho was happy about. Iíve been treating my condition for the past 5 years with synvisc and PRP injections every 6 months while also having bone marrow stem cells injected 1 year ago. That allowed me to lead a semi normal active life until recently. My original injury consisted of a partially torn ACL, PCL, the joint effusion and I already had patellar tracking issues. All of this was discovered after my first knee surgery on my left knee which was just a scope. Is OATS a possible solution to prolong a replacement and does anything rule me out for the surgery?