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Title: Complete PCL tear, already have hyperflexion in knees
Post by: eoin2844 on May 07, 2018, 06:19:57 PM
Hoping to hear peoples opinion on my situation

Had a complete PCL tear, big impact to the from of the knee. cant remember if my knee was bent or straight on impact. Its an isolated complete PCL tear so phisio and doctor agreed conservative rehab best way to go.

My only concern in that I have quite extreme hyperflextion  in both my knees anyway, i would say they go 30 degrees in past straight! the most both 3 physios and the doctor have ever seen.

Would anyone be able to comment on if this will be a help or a hindrance to my recovery? The phisio proposed it might not be a bad thing as my knees are quite unstable naturally due to the hyperflexion. I as far as know the PCL is the main the ligaments that controls hyperflexion. My concern is with my strange knees I should be getting the reconstruction surgery as il need all the stability I can get. (even though I don't exactly want it)

I play field hockey at a pretty high level, have represented my country at universities level. Love the sport, really don't want to have to give it up due to this. Im 26 years old.

Would be great to get some opinions/experiences on this

Title: Re: Complete PCL tear, already have hyperflexion in knees
Post by: youngbodyoldjoints on May 29, 2018, 07:01:08 PM
Hi Eoin-

Sorry to hear about your injury. I had a very similar situation with a complete, isolated PCL tear in addition to hypermobile joints at baseline. Unfortunately I continued to play my sport, not knowing the PCL was gone, and tore my MCL in that knee the next season. I would advise trying to find an orthopedic physician who is knowledgeable about hypermobile patients-- many either avoid surgery in these patients for fear of bad outcomes, or don't account for the hypermobility in their recommendations. I ended up getting my PCL repaired due to persistent pain and instability, but I saw three different doctors and got three different recommendations. PCL repairs are controversial, and surgeries on hypermobile patients are controversial. :(
Good luck!