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Title: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: Frenchknee on April 18, 2018, 01:58:22 AM
Hey guys  :)

4 months before I had a subtotal meniscectomy of the medial meniscus(they couldn't repair the bad tear I had).

I didn't go to the PT and did it myself  ;D I have full extention and flexion of that knee.

The main problem is Pain walking. I feel some strange sensations in my quad and in my medial part of my knee (where the surgery was).

Can't do sport, walk a lot... I see scary and positive things on the internet : some people say that they don't have their meniscus since the 80's and without pain. Others are just "crying" 5 months after the surgery.

I think that I have bad quad, maybe of I build some muscle it will help the knee to feel better?
Why some people can live without their meniscus and other not? Maybe becose of the bones line?

I'm afraid to think that I will have this damn pain all my life.. Any positive vibes for me? :)

Best. Sacha from France. (sorry for my bad English, we all know that French people sux in English  ;D ).
Title: Re: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: Celina1989 on April 18, 2018, 05:32:19 AM
Haha that last sentence! Your English is just fine (it is not my native language either tho).

Well done to have done it all by yourself but if you still have trouble walking my advice would be to go to a PT.

It might be something "simple" as a muscle weakness but it could also be that you are walking a bit lop-sided (needed google translate for that). If that is the case it is best to adress it as quickly as possible cause the longer you do it one way the harder it will be to change.

Maybe podotherapy can correct your walking if that is the case.

Does it only hurt while walking or also cycling or other activities? What sport do you play?

If you doubt if your quad is strong enough you might enjoy cycling if you are painfree. It is great for building quad muscle.

Written from of my hometrainer that I started using at 6:15 in the morning cause I couldn't sleep anymore ;)

Good luck,

Title: Re: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: Frenchknee on April 18, 2018, 07:01:39 AM
Hey Celina,  :) thanks for your reply and thanks for your good words about my frencglish  ;D

Well, due to my genetic my quads are not fantastic,even if I was one of the fastest kicker of my taekwondo dojo LOL.

The point is that I can predict the weather (thanks to my knee). And feel pain in the medial side of my knee while walking, not to much but some discomfort.

I didn't try to run even if my OS told me to try : I don't want to kill my bones now haha, when I will have strong quads, I will try to run.

I really think that podotherapy is just symptomatic stuff, walking good can coming back naturally.

About bike, yes I bought a home trainer one month ago, did fine with it.

But damn, knee recovery is one of the worst thing I ve ever experienced, now when I see people walking without pain, I can see the luck they have and I had before this damn injury.

I'm planing to talk to my OS to have and allograff, I talked about this before but he told me that it's a big deal and was not very found of this surgery)(he has the skils to perform it but it's very rare here in France). I feel that I need it, don't want a TKR in the future.

What about your injury? Are you recovering well?

Best from France.
Title: Re: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: Celina1989 on April 18, 2018, 09:26:54 AM
Oo wow your quads cant be that bad if you were on of the best at taekwondo!

I got flat feet, slight x legs cause of that. I only got my soles for a couple of months now and I haven't walked that much lately. I think they will be of assistance with longer walks and my nursing job.

I had an osteochondritis dissecans lesion grade 4 in my medial femur condyl. At one point I thought the OS did something to my meniscus but I haven't noticed it during surgery altho I was awake, found out later it was just a (strange) code to inform my GP.
First week was aweful
Second week was bad
But this third week is great!
Got a great ROM and cycling goes very well. Also PWB walking goes better every day, feeling more natural again. In fact I am back on my hometrainer now ;)

It hasn't been really cold since my surgery. 25 degrees today!

I didn't have a menisectomy so I did not research into it a lot so I just might say it wrong. But isn't allograft not something for articulair cartilage damage? I know a meniscus is cartilage as well but still different?
I think altho I maybe might not need it for walking I might do some hydrotherapy (on my own?). Maybe walking in the water might help you as well? Just some general knee recovery ideas.

Always good to talk to your OS.

Are you able to do your job or school?
I love walking with my dog, especially in the forest so I just need to be able to go back to that. I don't run so thats no goal of mine.

Maybe you got some great advice as well?
Title: Re: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: Vickster on April 18, 2018, 10:18:06 AM
You can get a meniscus allograft from a cadaver transplanted to take the place of own missing meniscus but it is a major surgery, with a long complex rehab and from posts hear hit and miss in terms of success rates. Probably undertaken in single figures in European countries

List of meniscus transplant experts
Title: Re: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: Frenchknee on April 18, 2018, 08:11:22 PM
Hey Celina,

Ohh, osteochondritis sounds hard stuff, isn't it some breaked bones on your knee? Sounds hard.

I think the only thing I can do at this moment is get the quad strong, walking in the water, make bike and pray haha.

The meniscus is a small cartilage between the two bones of the knee. Without a part of it, the knee can deteriorate faster.

Walking on water can be a good deal, you will build muscle and thanks to the water resistance, you will improve.
You (and me) only need to compensate the loss of cartilage and the trauma of the surgery :building more muscle on the leg. No other option. No easy no way out.

You know, I read someone and he said :"I recovered from a brain tumor, but rehab of the knee was worst". So patience and determination are the two main words.

Hey Vikster. Thanks for your link. I plan to do this allograff and I have an appointment with an os here in France (Toulouse). Allograff is very rare in france - like 20/year (they prefer sell TKR... Money money money.. The French health system is for most of people free but lot of lobbies influences..). I prepare 2 crutches and will talk seriously with this OS. I'm 27 and I don't want to live 15-20 years with pain and at 40 have a knee remplacement.

Best for you guys  8)
Title: Re: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: PwordsB on April 19, 2018, 07:48:50 AM
Hey.  I'm also 27 with a messed up knee.  I have lots of stuff wrong in there, including a subtotal meniscectomy that is still getting worse.

Have you had an x ray of both of your legs whilst standing up, to check that the leg is aligned properly?  For me, my leg is valgus (knee leading inwards more than it should) and it means most of my weight is on the bad (lateral) side of my knee. 

I would assume you've had this checked, but my doctor didn't check this in 18 months and only when I moved to a new hospital did they check it and it's made my problem a lot worse.

I've got lots of surgery coming up, and I'd love to hear how you get on. 

Title: Re: Advice for a 27 guy who had a subtotal meniscectomy?
Post by: Frenchknee on April 19, 2018, 06:16:15 PM
Hey Phill. Sorry about your knee!

If you want, we can talk by skype\Facebook. Here is my email address : [email protected]

Do not hesitate to contact me

Best from France  8)