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Title: 10 weeks MPFL repair and menisectomy
Post by: Steve99 on March 15, 2018, 01:53:45 AM
Since itís post op diaries just wanted to drop in.  Today is officially 10 weeks post op.  Have full range flexion while laying on back.  Laying on tummy I guess they consider it full range if itís between 130-150.  Less than an inch away from touching heel to my buttocks.  That last inch has been tough to overcome seriously been at it the last two weeks.  Stationary bike is easy as is elliptical trainer.  They donít want me straight line jogging for another couple weeks even though I feel ready for it and did stationary jogging for a minute the other night.  Doing one leg jumps off the resistance body weight leg press machine with ease.  Slowly but surely getting there.  Can still feel a dull ache when doing side lunges and other movements that stress the MPFL graft but I know that probably comes with the surgeon tightening up the tendon during he procedure.  Hoping next month to get to the sports specific movements needed to get clean bill of health.  Just wanted to thank those whoíve guided me and replied to previous posts.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel.
Title: Re: 10 weeks MPFL repair and menisectomy
Post by: leahjg-90 on March 18, 2018, 11:08:31 AM
Hi Steve,

This is great to read and hear that your surgery has gone successfully.

I am due to have this surgery on 4th May after multiple dislocations - feeling rather anxious as I haven't had surgery before. I had a dislocation in October and a subluxation again a few weeks back. Mixed feelings about surgery, as I'll go from being able to walk and manage with an unstable knee - to starting all over again with my physio.

Did you stay in hospital? I've been told it's a day surgery unless it's best to keep me in.
How did you find the pain after? And how has the recovery been?

Sorry for all the questions.

Title: Re: 10 weeks MPFL repair and menisectomy
Post by: lemonade13 on March 25, 2018, 11:56:01 PM
Hi Leah,

I also had multiple dislocations on both knees and I got done a trochleoplasty + MPFL repair on my left knee on 23-2-18.

If you have any questions re the surgery let me know. I know itís not the same but itís all similar. Iím on the 4th week and doing great. Iím based in the UK and my surgery was done by Jonathan Eldridge from Bristol. All NHS so didnít go through private care like the majority.
Title: Re: 10 weeks MPFL repair and menisectomy
Post by: leahjg-90 on March 26, 2018, 09:47:25 PM
Hi lemonade13

Glad all is well post op!

Yes any info on post op and the recovery - pain wise and movement wise would be great. There was some question over whether I needed a trochleoplasty - the surgeon decided am MPFL should help as my dysplasia isnít severe enough, type b.

Yes, Iím all NHS too and will be seen at Oswestry Orthopeadic Hospital.

Any info on post op recovery, tips and mainly how mobile I will be / how soon.