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Title: possible torn graft: please tell me physio could be wrong!
Post by: Hill Girl on February 04, 2018, 08:48:00 AM

I had my ACL reconstructed in March last year and posted on the forum during my rehab. 

I had been cleared for action towards the end of last year and all was going swimmingly until I hyperextended my leg with some force at the beginning of January.  I knew it wasn't a good thing to have done but hoped I had got away with it. 

I've just been back to the physio, hoping for him to put my mind to rest.  He put my knee through the various tests and to my horror pronounced that it is loose, by up to 10mm.  (He had tested it regularly during my later-stage rehab and it was at 0mm). 

I went to this physio on the recommendation of other physios owing to his experience in working with ACL patients but is there any likelihood this is all some ghastly mistake and he's got it wrong?! 

Physio says I need to see the surgeon again/get an MRI - being NHS and non-urgent this will probably take some time.  Absolutely gutted if I've blown it.  For a glorious couple of months my new knee was everything I hoped it would be. 

I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any comments about the accuracy of the tests and whether this will all turn out to be a bad dream.  Thank you.
Title: Re: possible torn graft: please tell me physio could be wrong!
Post by: vickster on February 04, 2018, 09:06:51 AM
Can't comment on the tests, your physio will know better than forumers especially as he knows how your knee feels/felt. I'd do as he says and get your GP to refer you to see your surgeon, hopefully it won't take too long. Then you'll know either way

I'd avoid any high level activity until then. Did your physio say to use a brace in the meantime?

If you need a revision, confirm your surgeon's experience in doing these or get referred to a specialist
Good luck :)
Title: Re: possible torn graft: please tell me physio could be wrong!
Post by: Hill Girl on February 04, 2018, 08:13:58 PM
Thank you!

Yes, just need a definitive answer. Got a price for a private MRI about an hour away but will wait and see what NHS say first.

Nothing said about a brace, but did say not to run. I'll probably still pootle about on the flat in my lunch hour though.  I have used poles hillwalking since my op. It's not that wobbly, just back to where it was pre-op so I'm getting about fine but really upset if it's gone as I had it done so I could get back to some more demanding stuff - mountain running and all that.  (Check out Emelie Forsberg top mountain runner if anyone has any doubts about how well people can do with ACL repairs!).

Physio warned me they won't be keen on a revision - presumably due to my "advanced" age of 50. But I will fight the corner for older patients (and women in particular) if I have to. My husband (also a climber etc) and I have already got some serious plans for when the kids leave home/retirement! (though right now can't contemplate a revision, if that is indeed needed, on the basis that I would just worry I'd tear that one just when I'd finished my rehab).

Thanks again for replying, it's appreciated. It's all remarkably emotional/thought-consuming.
Title: Re: possible torn graft: please tell me physio could be wrong!
Post by: Hill Girl on March 12, 2018, 06:04:30 PM
Just an update.  I went ahead with a private MRI.  Hurray, the graft is seemingly "grossly intact" (an observation was made about a minor indentation on one part but the overall summary was "grossly intact").  A re-test of my knee a month from the last one suggests it is NOT as loose as initially thought though a bit looser than before this scare began (can they really tell?!).  I was encouraged to keep my appointment with the surgeon for him to check over next month.  This  has gone from total doom and gloom to a much rosier picture!

Title: Re: possible torn graft: please tell me physio could be wrong!
Post by: Hill Girl on April 21, 2018, 07:20:33 PM
Well it seems the physio got it wrong and I was over-reading symptoms in my knee .. I am sure the physio meant well but I saw the surgeon this week and he is happy that the graft is fine, based on examination and review of the scan I had after the physio's doom and gloom pronouncement.  Apparently I just need to learn to live with a knee that won't feel entirely normal after the loss of quite a lot of meniscus in 2016 and then ACLR in 2017.  Even though I knowingly lived with no ACL and didn't notice it/had no symptoms for 10 years things changed with the meniscus tear (which led to the ACLR) so I now need to adjust to my "new" knee.  I also forget I'm still only a year out and full and final healing goes on for a while yet.

Now my knee has settled from the January incident it is actually holding up very well to some hard activity.  The fact that it survived that incident is an encouraging sign as accidents will happen!  Now if I could get the money I paid on the private scan back (and all those weeks of worry ....) :)

Best wishes to others going through worries, rehab, the op.