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Title: right knee
Post by: Peg Humphrey on December 23, 2017, 02:48:26 PM
10 days ago I had to have surgery for a torn meniscus .  When surgeon was in there he saw advanced arthritis.  He scrapped the best he could and told my husband that maybe it would hold off knee replacement for awhile, but it would be up to me low long I can stand the pain  My question is when the bone is scrapped.  Is it more painful and does healing take a longer time because of the bone.  This operation has me upset cause of the pain and not able to use it like I did with the other one in the time frame of meniscus cleaning
Thank you in advance

Title: Re: right knee
Post by: vickster on December 23, 2017, 03:48:19 PM
Yes the knee has had a bigger trauma due to the clean up of the bone as well as the meniscus trim. Although cartilage itself doesnít have nerve endings, the bone underneath does and thatís what hurts in arthritis due to lack of cover and the pressure 

10 days is v soon after knee surgery and in a knee that sounds quite damaged, itíll in reality probably hurt for a few months. Thatís if the clean up really helps. Thereís little evidence that the benefit is generally temporary in a badly arthritic knee

The meniscus tear will be due to the arthritis probably too

How old are you?

Use ice, elevation above the heart and pain meds as well as gentle physio especially while you heal from the trauma of surgery. Despite the little holes, keyhole surgery is never benign especially as we get older. When elevating support calf and ankle, not under the knee, youíll need to keep it straight to get the extension back

Good luck, itíll get better but will certainly take s few weeks at least until the pain reduces :)
Title: Re: right knee
Post by: Peg Humphrey on January 20, 2018, 07:38:08 PM
Operation to clean meniscus and arthritis didnít work.  After having to drain almost 2 cups of blood out and then another cortisone shot was useless.  What was suppose to last a month so surgeon said, it only lasted 4 days.  Now surgery is set for Feb. 21....full knee.  In constant pain.  Now its catching under the knee cap.  When it does, I almost fall on the floor in executing pain.  I go for a MRI and then that film will be planted in a robotic arm.  Its called Makoplasty.  Pain level and hospital stay said to be cut in half.  In the mean time while Iím trying to walk on the left the right one is going fast.  I was suppose to have the right one down when the left one blew. Has anyone, had this type of surgery done?  Curious as how your healing went.  My surgeon said that the inside of the knee is a stage 4, where the outside is stage 2.  Iím 65, and on the move always...this has really got me down